Co-op of the Day: 110 Clifton Place, #2H

This two-bedroom loft in the old Ping Pong factory at 110 Clifton Place in Clinton Hill hit the market last week. It’s got about 1,200 square feet including the loft space, according to the listing, along with high ceilings, big windows and big columns. Very nice feel. What do you think of it and the ask of $900,000?

110 Clifton Place, #2H [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • The shape of the second bedroom is pretty bizarre, no? There’s enough overall square footage not to have a weird diagonal cutout in a part of the apartment where nobody would expect a closet anyway. It strikes me as quirky for the sake of quirky.

  • jmh, the original floorplan had a straight closet, mirroring the one in the master bedroom. It backed onto a small coat closet adjacent to the support pillar. Looks like they combined the two to get a little more floor space. (I’m the original owner of this unit. It gives me a good tickle to see it all done up–and the price!)