Closing Bell: Slow Zone Coming to Atlantic Avenue This Month


The Department of Transportation will install a slow zone on Atlantic Avenue this month, it just announced. The speed limit will be reduced from 30 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour, lights timed to reduce speeds to 25 miles an hour, and there will be stepped-up enforcement of the traffic laws along an eight-mile stretch. The slow zone is the first of 25 planned for New York City this year.

Part of the Mayor’s Vision Zero program, the slow zone is designed to reduce speeding and fatalities in the area. There have been 25 deaths, including 13 pedestrians, on the street between 2008 and 2012.

4 Comment

  • this is useless if there’s no enforcement. just deblasio PR nonsense.

  • My prediction is this will have no effect. I drive Atlantic daily to work and it’s crazy, especially when I leave early in the morning at 6am. It’s some of the most aggressive speed freaks, taking off from red light to red light. Nobody is paying attention to whether the sign is 55 or 30 or 25.

    Slow zone? Try speed bumps or law enforcement.

  • how often do you get a driver in a car service who cant anticipate the lights ahead and speeds up and brakes hard at every single intersection??? Most of these people are just plain stupid drivers and I’m not talking just about the car services.