Brooklyn Heights Cinema Crowdfunds $30,000 for New Projector

Brooklyn Heights Cinema Owner Kenn Lowy has bought himself more time in 70 Henry Street by raising $30,000 to purchase digital projection equipment through crowdfunding site Indiegogo, The Brooklyn Eagle reported. Lowy would have been forced to close if he couldn’t afford to buy a digital projector and the server needed to run it. Over 400 people have contributed $31,586 as of this morning, according to Indiegogo.

However, the building at Henry and Orange Streets is still for sale or lease, and BHC’s future remains somewhat uncertain. The landlord still hopes to present a plan to redevelop the building to the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Lowy told us:

“Our lease expired almost two years ago. The truth is that when people came in 18 months ago and asked how long we’d be here I said ‘I just want to make it through the holidays.’ Six months later I was saying ‘I just want to be here through the summer.’ Then the fall came and I said the same thing again. So I’m hoping we’re here for a while. If we have to leave, we can bring the projector wherever we go and hopefully bring it back when the landlord gets his plan approved. I still think, and hope, that is what will eventually happen.”

Crowdfunding Saves Brooklyn Heights Cinema [Brooklyn Eagle]

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  • i find this sort of crowd sourcing of funds so depressing and indicative of our selfish, narcissistic society. instead of donating money to a charity that really needs it people are much more willing and excited to give their money to something that directly benefits them AND which someone is going to turn around and make a profit off of. so sad and stupid.

  • Things have reached a pretty pass when I agree with moonface,
    Brooklyn Heights, which once was the most sophisticated and urbane neighborhood in Brooklyn is turning into a senior’s version of Dogpatch.
    Everything about this cinema business is utterly pathetic. It is preservation gone haywire. Can we jut demolish this eyesore and get on with it please?