Owners of 115 Lincoln Place Shopping House After Neighbors Block Extension


The owners of 115 Lincoln Place in Park Slope have been quietly shopping the house around after neighbors successfully blocked a proposed extension. They are asking $2,300,000 to $2,500,000 for the house, a fixer-upper, according to BK to the Fullest. Owners Michael and Sarah London purchased the property in May for $2,000,000, public records show.

Meanwhile, although they haven’t sold 115 yet, they have already purchased a new home. In February, they closed on a limestone at 627 3rd Street in Park Slope, less than half a block from the park, for $3,850,000.

Built in 1910, the limestone was designed by noted architect Axel Hedman. As it happens, previous owners also proposed an extension that was opposed by neighbors and, as far as we can tell, never built. It has been an HOTD twice. Like 115 Lincoln Place, it is also landmarked.

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Photo by Nicholas Strini for PropertyShark

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  • They should just rent it out for $16,000/month!

  • The thoughts in this post are jumbled and the sentence flow leaves a lot to be desired. The paragraphs are set up incorrectly so that the reader assumes you are still talking about 115 Lincoln when it suddenly jumps topics to 627 3rd. If the post concerns 115 Lincoln, why talk about another house and its extension plans and it being HOTD?

  • I think it also goes to show that the Londons were ill-advised in their purchase of 115. There was another, much larger, house on the same block when they bought – in fact, one similar in size & condition to the 3rd St. place. Yes, it was another $million but that’s what they’ve ended up paying & their project costs at 115 would’ve run to that anyway – not to mention that they would not have been able to move in for about a year. So there is a coherence to the separate points in the story.

  • I hope no one takes everything Bk to the Fullest says as gospel. He definitely has his own agenda, and his “platinum club” is pure real estate broker hokum.

    • With the exception, MM, of the fact that Bk to the Fullest is not a licensed real estate salesperson or broker and that therefore the very legality of his business model is questionable.

      • Babs — I thought that he operates as a “consultant” to buyers only and was paid either a flat fee or hourly fee, and so he is not actually brokering any deal. (Of course, I hope for his sake and the sellers’ brokers there are not any shenanigans with undisclosed broker’s fee sharing happening.)

        And yes, his postings have a lot of hokum too.

  • also what makes no sense to me is why if they could afford fancy fancy third street (even more so, afford fancy third street WHILE OWNING THIS ALREADY) why they would buy a dump like this. Maybe at $2 million seemed like a bargain? I don’t see it. And I own a fixer upper.