Fort Greene’s 66 Rockwell Place Resets Deadline, Details for Affordable Units


The development at 66 Rockwell Place has re-opened its application process for affordable apartments with a new deadline of April 19. In addition, details about the apartments and eligibility criteria have changed.

Previously published details were incorrect and for a different building, according to an email from Community Board Two we received last night. However, only current residents of the Community Board Two area are eligible to apply. The previous round of applications started in 2013 with a deadline of May 21.

Click through to the jump to see revised details about apartment sizes, availability and income ranges. Applications are available from CMP Consultants here. Applications must be sent by regular mail only and postmarked no later than April 19.


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  • I just love that if I quit my full time job and went to work 25 hours a week…really lowered the bar for myself…I could qualify for a shiny new 1 bedroom apartment. Instead, as a single 40 year old I am forced to share an apartment with a roommate in order to survive just because I make slightly over 30k and have been responsible enough to not get knocked up. That makes sense.

    • If you are really interested and not just whining, you should contact DHCR and the developer (and maybe also the CB2 committee involved in this) about the income guidelines as they are “subject to change.” Also, a number of other affordable housing developments have multiple tiers of affordability ranges so you might want to investigate those.

  • jiraffedrd’s sarcasm aside, she has a point. It’s total bullshit in the NYC housing market b you either need to make a billion dollars a year to buy one or $32,000 to qualify for low income. I guess they forgot that an overwhelmingly majority (90%, more) make an income that falls squarely inbetween. So if you make $150, or $200 as a couple, screw you! This city sucks.

  • Yup way to go DHCR, if you are a total piece of shit you get a free (or almost free) ride. If you are good upstanding citizen you take it in the you know where. God Bless America!

  • Is the CB2 set aside a new trend??
    That aside,
    The REAL shame is that when one starts at a job and works up to their max’m, they are either stuck there OR they con’t to advance and LOSE their HOUSING??
    This is a real pity and a shame, all around; unless you’re from CB2 that is.