Apartments Planned for Gowanus Site Linked to Revolutionary War Burial Ground


After no activity for years, permits have recently been filed to construct a 10-unit, five-story residential building on a commercial site at 203 9th Street in Gowanus. The lot, which houses a one-story retail space that was once an auto body shop, is part of the area that local preservationists believe may be the burial ground for soldiers who died during the Battle of Brooklyn in the Revolutionary War. They have previously said they hope to get the area on the National Register of Historic Places and create a park.

We heard a rumor the property sold or was in contract in December, but no sale has appeared in public records. The most recent sale recorded is to an LLC for $1,670,000 in 2010.

That LLC’s name is on the most recent permits, dating from 2013 and 2014, as well as the original permit to change the use of the building and add more stories, which is dated 2004, well before the current LLC owned the property. The photo above shows the building in 2012.

More Momentum for Contested Park Slope Burial Site [Brownstoner]
Photo by Nicholas Strini for PropertyShark 

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  • So, are the apartments going in in the vacant lot or this crappy warehouse? 203 9th st is the Warehouse. The Vacant lot is where they were doing a majority of the burial ground investigation….

  • Usually, I am anti-preservation. However, I want to believe that the Maryland 400 (who gave their lives to ensure the escape of the Revolutionary Army including Gen. Washington) deserve a final resting place that befits their status as American heroes.

    I’m not even saying that they cant build on the land. They should just search for remains and re-inter the remains they find in a place of honor. Considering this city’s penchant for creating small museums, the Maryland 400 deserve one of their own. Maybe then, people would know that the Battle of Brooklyn was the American Thermopylae.