And the New Building at 470 4th Avenue Will Look Like…


Here’s what the new rental building going up at 470 4th Avenue near 11th Street will look like. The Real Deal published the rendering Friday, which it received in a press release.

It looks like the building may be red brick with a glassy set back. The drawing shows a 14-story building, though it could wind up being 12 stories, as we wrote Friday. The structure will be at least three times higher than its immediate neighbors on the block, although there is a similarly sized new building down the street at 4th Avenue and 12th Street. Permits for the new build have not yet been filed.

What do you think of the design?

Rendering Revealed for Mixed-Use Development at 470 4th Avenue [TRD] GMAP
Plans, Buyer, Sale Price Revealed for Huge 4th Avenue Development Site [Brownstoner]
Image via The Real Deal

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  • It is a shame that the whole character of our Brooklyn neighborhoods and all of our low rise brick buildings are becoming nothing more than glass highrises, thus more people and more over crowding.

    This one isn’t ugly, but it is still another high rise….

  • Nothing special, but at least it’s brick. In was talking last night to a neighbor who sold his house (because of problems climbing stairs) and is buying a coop. He was about to buy in a six-year old Kew Gardens building, but backed out because the inspection report indicated that the synthetic stucco facade will have to be replaced soon. I wonder if buildings intended for rental are any better built, since the cost of such repairs aren’t the responsibility of apartment owners?

  • I love that this building will have such pristine sidewalks and plenty of on-street parking! What city is this being built in?

  • The ship has certainly sailed on the scale of development along 4th ave and that upzoning was part of a tradeoff to protect the scale on the side streets. But the angle of the rendering minimizes our view of the impact on 11th street, a street of largely 3-story frames, many of which were recently and attractively renovated.

    • And pray tell, what “impact” is that? The psychological torment of someone living above the fourth floor? Quelle horreur!

      • I think the impact is both visual and light impact as the tower will eat up light for half the day. Also real chance for significant impact from refuse being left out on 11th Street (these places tend to push trash to the side street, but that might be different for 4th Avenue).

        It’s hard to say what the sound impact will be — the building will likely eat up a lot of traffic noise from 4th Avenue, but then you have a lot of residents making noise now.

        • You may not have noticed, the sun moves fairly rapidly (180 degrees in 12 hrs or so). The building will not shade any one place for more than a couple of hours maximum. Its sad that so many people need hyperbole to make a point

          • No hyperbole here — a 12 story building on the east side of the block here is likely to darken half of the doughnut hole in that block from sunrise to almost midday (depending on the time of year). You’d have to show me some reputable solar studies to show otherwise.

            In any event, the rendering looks nice enough — vaguely reminds me of a souped up version of the development above the F/G entrance at 3rd Street and Smith Street.

            I hope they actually plant those trees.

        • You live in a city. Get over it. Move to Maplewood if this building is objectionable.

  • Oh, dear. Sorry to instigate such a controversy. I’ll just tell my friends across the street from the development site to eat their peas because the replacement of a row of 2.5 story houses with a 12w-story wall of apartments will have no impact on them whatsoever. Scale and density are meaningless and there are no negative effects.

  • What side of 4th Avenue is this going to be on? I thought it was on the northwest corner of 11th St & 4th Avenue (that is, the side of 4th Avenue closer to 3rd Ave) – is that correct? Just confused since Boerum Resident implies it’s on East side of the street. Would love to clarify! And does anyone know how the building on 4th Ave & 12th Street impacted the residents on 12th St? That is, did they notice changes in light, noise, etc.? Thanks!

    • You are correct. The building site is on the northwest side of 4th Avenue in Gowanus. It extends six lots into the block on the 11th Street side.

    • I meant the east side of the block itself that goes from 3rd Ave to 4th Ave and from 10th St to 11th St — the site would be the west side of 4th Avenue.

      I met someone who owns one of the houses one lot down from the building at 12th Street, and they had lots of gripes about the light and construction generally. This was before peopel started moving in so I don’t know about the noise.