House of the Day: 125 Woodbine Street

Here’s a brick house in Bushwick that seems to have retained most of its original details. It needs renovation but can be mortgaged, says the listing. We’re guessing that means bathrooms and kitchens and probably systems too. While it’s not prime Bushwick (the loft area or Dekalb L stop), it’s close to the Gates J train station so not super far out. Considering how hard it is to find a house in even semi-decent condition in the area, it might be worth a look. They’re asking $770,000. What do you think of it?

125 Woodbine Street [Elliot Nicks] GMAP

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  • Just to be devil’s advocate, is it really so hard to buy some wainscoting and a mantle and refurnish a house that has been “stripped of original details”? Isn’t the price of upgrading the plumbing and electric far more than the price of some modest, wisely chosen Victoriana?
    Wouldn’t you rather spend 50k on a mantle and a reproduction tin ceiling for a plain house with good mechanicals rather than 150k on a wreck with some millwork?

    • It’s a good question. Replacing a mantel and a tin ceiling won’t cost you $50K, it will cost under $5K. Other details are more expensive and difficult to replicate. Upgrading the plumbing and electric will cost $50,000, and can be done without removing a single detail. Is this modest, circa 1900 two-family in Bushwick worth renovating? It all comes down to the condition, what you are looking for and, ultimately, the price. Is it worth paying the price of a flipped house for a wreck with some wainscoting and one mantel? Not in my opinion, but it’s not clear that that’s what this house is.

  • I saw this house and it definitely needs everything. All systems – Boiler, plumbing, electrical need to be redone. Baths and kitchens are a complete gut. Backyard is a wreck and it probably needs a new roof. Some reconfiguring of the rooms, paint stripping and lots of patching and painting will be necessary. I doubt that an individual who will have to hire an architect, GC and pull permits could do this for less than $200K. This might be a good long-term investment but in the current market a fully renovated house in this location is not worth anything near the $1M you will have invested.