Condo Pricing and Floor Plans Revealed at 388 Bridge Street

388 bridge street 1

Brooklyn’s tallest high-rise, the condo-rental hybrid at 388 Bridge Street, is nearly complete at 53 stories, and it’s set to open soon with 420 buyers competing for its 144 condos at the top of the tower. Condo asking prices range from $730,000 for a “smaller one-bedroom with a view” to $6,000,000 for a four-bedroom penthouse, the Wall Street Journal reported. Listings for market-rate rentals on floors 7 to 31 went live in December. (A studio goes for $2,372 a month and a two-bedroom, two-bath for $5,382.)

The tower will also have “an illuminated crown at the top with a residents-only observatory bathed in a changing-color light display, like the other tall buildings across the river. The lights will be powered by two 17-foot-high, curved wind turbines that look like large globes from windows in nearby buildings,” according to the Journal.

And Halstead has posted some new floor plans of the rentals, spotted by Curbed, which we’ll include after the jump.

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Here’s a two-bedroom: 

A studio:

And some one-bedrooms:

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  • (A studio goes for $2,372 a month

    and some moron will spend that to live in nothing more than a jail cell.

    the layouts of the newer buildings have now set housing back 200 years. the tenements of the lower east side had more room.

    • “…the layouts of the newer buildings have now set housing back 200 years…” Yeah, they don’t even have electricity or indoor plumbing. All snark aside, those are some big prices for some tiny spaces.

  • I actually think the layouts are decent. Hard to believe someone would spend nearly $30K/yr. after tax dollars to live in a studio but there seems to be plenty of well paid young professionals around who will snap these. I do like the fact that even the studio includes a washer/dryer.

  • I find the condo prices more eye-opening than the rental prices:

    $730,000 for a “smaller one-bedroom with a view”

    No details on how small, but it suggests a decent sized one bed in this building could approach 7 figures. This will be the priciest of the downtown towers by a lot. Odds are they have a shot at achieving these numbers.