City Approves Permits for Whole Foods to Restore Coignet Building


It looks like the crumbling but landmarked Coignet building may finally be getting some love.

In December, the city approved new permits for Whole Foods to restore the building at 360 3rd Avenue. The permit, filed on October 11 and approved on December 3, outlines plans to “renovate building facade, repair, replacement and repointing cast stones wall, reconstruct stairs, install new windows and doors as shown on drawings.”

In early December, neighborhood residents complained to the city that construction of the new grocery store had damaged the landmark. On December 20, the Landmarks Preservation Commission fined Whole Foods $3,000 for failure to maintain the property, The Brooklyn Paper reported at the time. Although Whole Foods does not own the building, it promised to restore and stabilize the exterior in exchange for being able to build its store on the landmark property.

A year earlier, Whole Foods had said it planned to finish the building restoration before it opened its new store.

Coignet Building in Bad Shape [Brownstoner]

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  • In early December, residents complained to the city that construction of the new grocery store had damaged the landmark.

    “Damaged the landmark”, are they effin kidding me??????? This is actually so retarded that anyone could possibly complain that Whole Foods damaged something that has been left to decay and rot for decades already.

    i have to tell ya, some people have no sense o logic….damaged the landmark, it is almost laugheable.

    i hate this little structure, i wish it would have burned down years ago, i just hate it.

      • I don’t know, it just annoys me for some reason, I really don’t know.
        After all these years of rot and decay, it just baffels me that people complain that it got damaged during the whole foods building. Seriously, at this point in time, does it really matter. If the people were so concerned about it, why wasn’t it restored to its full glory years ago.

  • Love this little building and hope WF does something creative with it. Maybe hold classes in it. They have the pockets and social responsibility mission that could make it happen.

  • I’ve always been fascinated by this building. It’s beautiful and I am so happy WF is going to restore it. Hopefully it will take on a whole new life.

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      It doesnt mean uncooperative.

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  • This is all good news, and no surprise since WF agreed to do this when they began the project. There would be no reason for WF to reneg on their agreement, it would be a PR disaster for them, and honestly, they are trying really hard to be good neighbors and help the community. Considering that they do not even own the building, they will be doing a lot of work. They are only required to restore the exterior, and yet they will be fixing the interior stairs – that’s going above and beyond. They had already done a test patch last summer, and you can see the original wall still in pretty good shape. They will probably to a very good job.

  • about time this is getting fixed up.

  • aside note.
    I haven’t been to WF, and may never go, but I’ve driven by it often. Why did they put garages/driveways on third avenue? Why didn’t they put a better storefront with an entrance on third and more of a sidewalk. Would of been more accessible for people walking from park slope. No?

    • My thought is that it perhaps keep traffic calmer on the more traveled 3rd ave, by having people/cars funneled in and out via 3rd Street.

      WF does an amazing job and is a great neighbor. Besides all the green stuff (wind power, solar power, reclaimed everything, in-store greenhouse), they also have full-time parking lot guys managing the flow of cars. And for a market, they must have the friendliest people in all NYC.

    • Most likely so customers can walk from their cars into the store without having to go around the building. Glad they didn’t put the parking lot on 3rd Avenue.

  • I hate it because of the Herculean efforts to preserve it despite the fact it serves no useful purpose and will cost a huge sum to restore. Essentially, its renovation is a tax on the Whole Food development that will serve no one but the sanctimonious.

  • i’m thinking a manicure place is something the neighborhood could use…

  • as I remember. WF got to build right up against the building, i.e. got hundreds of square feet in return for pledging $400,00 to fix up the Coignet building