Carroll Gardens Block Loses Power for Full Day After Manhole Explosion

The Daily News has more details on the manhole explosion at Court and Union streets in Carroll Gardens we told you about yesterday. The manhole exploded around 1:40 pm Wednesday afternoon with a lick of flame and copious smoke, shocking residents and businesses, and leaving the block without power until Thursday afternoon. A reader sent in this photo showing the fire.

The marketing manager at Body Elite Gym, which sits right on the corner at 348 Court Street, told the Daily News he heard the big explosion and then two smaller ones. Fire officials evacuated nearby buildings so they could investigate the source of the blast, which was apparently caused by a defective cable. Con Ed shut down Court Street between Union and President streets for several hours afterward while they repaired the faulty line.

Power Restored to Carroll Gardens Block After Manhole Explodes [NY Daily News]

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  • I can’t imagine having the interior temp plummet for a day in this weather! I wonder if anyone’s pipes froze, or if any of the inhabitants have young children or are elderly. Personally I’m certain my pipes would have frozen if left over a day with no heat… Especially on the extension, which burst last year in a cold blast.