Rental of the Day: 165 Schenectady Avenue

This nicely renovated three-bedroom in Crown Heights seems like a good value. The living room is well-sized, and its three windows help open up the room. That framed exposed brick behind the drywall is interesting too. The kitchen looks narrow, but the appliances are brand new and the island offers additional counter space. There are two nicely sized bedrooms and one rather narrow one at 7 feet by 12 feet; they all have closets and windows, according to the listing. For $733 a person, it’s a decent apartment. What do you think of it for $2,200 a month?

165 Schenectady Avenue [Town] GMAP

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  • bfarwell

    “nicely renovated”??? Really? I suppose it doesn’t appear to be falling down, but it looks like every other flipper/developer job out there. Ugh.

  • As a sometimes renter, sometimes owner, I’d say a flipper-developer place has its advantages as a rental (though not as a place I’d purchase.) Sure, the framed exposed brick is ugly, but I’d probably tolerate it in a rental, if I could have a decently renovated kitchen and bathroom (flipper-developer counts as decent in a rental), but the placement of that kitchen sink in the corner, crowded by the appliances, probably would kill it for me, even as a rental.

  • morralkan

    The map is not correct. This apartment is not located anyway near Nostrand; it is about 7 blocks east of there, closest to the Utica Avenue stops on the 3/4 and A/C. The neighborhood here is much dicier and brokelin is definitely right about the kitchen arrangement. I’ve lived not too far from this apartment for the past 35+ years, but I would not feel all that comfortable walking around there at night. Then again, hipsters seem to move in anyplace these days. :-)