Post Offices in Clinton Hill and Boerum Hill Search for New Homes


The United States Postal Service and Community Board Two hosted a public hearing on Thursday evening about the relocation of two post offices: the Pratt Station Post office at 524 Myrtle Avenue and the Times Plaza Station Post Office at 542 Atlantic Avenue. Each location’s lease agreement will soon expire, at which point both property owners have other plans for the buildings.

State Senator Velmanette Montgomery voiced concern over the relocation of Myrtle Avenue’s post office, as its current location is convenient for many area residents. She said she would like to work with the post office through a committee to help find a suitable new location.

USPS Real Estate Specialist Joseph Mulvey said every attempt will be made to keep retail services and carrier operations together in the new locations. However, if a large enough space cannot be found — 8,600 square feet — the services may have to be separated, he said.

The post office will take written comments on the move for the next 15 days (by mail). After that, the post office will outline its plan for conducting the search in a letter to the borough president, mayor, and the community board.

After this, any member of the community will have up to 30 days to appeal the decision. Once a decision is made, the search for suitable properties will continue. The borough president and community boards will be notified of proposed new locations, and then another round of feedback and comment will start.

The post office has engaged CB Richard Ellis, a commercial real estate firm, to help with the search. They’re already in preliminary talks with property owners, he added.

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  • Wherever Times Plaza Station goes, please (please!) leave the staff behind. They are the worst, rudest, most incompetent group of employees ever assembled. And I’m not just talking about current times, they are the worst since the beginning of commerce.

  • Well both of you have seen nothing until you’ve visited the Post Office on Broadway on the Bushwick Bed Stuy border.

  • It would be interesting as a taxpayer to see these leases. Who is responsible for what landlord or tenant.
    Take the US Post Office on 9th Street in Park Slope for instance. I don’t think a penny has been spent on infrastructure, upkeep or repairs in decades. Having stood in line for what must be days after 20 years i know every inch of cracked floor tile, every botched paint drip, water stained ceiling tile in the place. I don’t think any energy reducing upgrades have ever been implemented. They still have single pane window glass for Pete’s sake. It’s a soul killing death eaters aesthetic that grows more and more pale over time. The place has the ability to make one angry for no specific reason you are aware of.

  • Oh, hey, I’m the guy everyone is looking at outside the frame of the photograph.

    Written comments on this proposal are being accepted through December 20, 2013. Comments should reference the post office by name, Pratt Station or Times Plaza Station, and be sent to the following address:

    Joseph J. Mulvey
    U. S. Postal Service
    2 Congress Street, Room 8
    Milford, MA 01757-9998

    Some people at last night’s meeting were amused that the United States Postal Service would not accept comments by email. People who wish to comment by email can send those to Community Board 2 at We will bundle the comments and mail them … your tax dollars at work!

    For the retail operation (buying stamps, picking up packages, etc.), the Postal Service needs 3,700 square feet. Around 8,600 square feet is needed for the carrier operation (sorting mail, etc.). Capacity for trucks, preferably with a loading dock, is also desired in the latter case. Operations managers would prefer to keep both the retail and carrier services in the same building, as is currently the case in both Clinton Hill and Boerum Hill, but the two can be split.

  • Whoever acquires the space better be prepared to receive a ton of the former post-office tenants mail.