Lightstone Group Starts Demolition


Last week, Lightstone Group sent word via Community Board Six that it is starting demolition and other work on the site of its 700-unit complex on the banks of the Gowanus, the blog Pardon Me For Asking reported yesterday. “The Lightstone Group will begin pre-construction site preparation at its Gowanus property,” said the notice.

More specifically, demolition will start at 365 Bond Street. At 363 Bond Street and 400 Carroll Street, the firm will start asbestos remediation. They will also be doing some soil boring and putting up construction fences. The work was scheduled to start yesterday.

Rendering by Lightstone Group via PMFA


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  • Buildings look nice enough. Lets hope they keep the green space overlooking the canal. Long term thinking, please.

  • I admit I dont get it – I mean the development looks good and the housing is needed (jn theory) but they are building on heavily polluted land, next to a superfund site that will be in inconvenient and potential dangerous cleanup mode for years and regardless, the water is and will remain heavily polluted by sewage, often smells terrible and is prone to flooding. Who is the bank that is financing this – who is the insurance company that will insure this from claims down the road from residents?

  • Is there something wrong with this picture? While the renderings look all pretty and nice, and the canoe in the canal is a nice touch.

    But is there something wrong with these developers, or is it really greed.

    These apartments are being built on a TOXIC site, doesn’t anyone seem to get this? I would think before anything is even considered to be built on any of the land around the canal, that the soil be tested and the canal cleaned…..and this isn’t happening anytime soon. Also, unless the sewerage issue isnt addressed the canal will still be taking on excess sewerage during heavy rainstorms.

    the canal is not even one spec cleaned and the developers are already started demo with more housing.???

    and what morons would even consider renting an apartment on the canal. Are people really this stupid.

    people need to read up on “Love Canal”

  • mildredfierce

    Cancer clusterf*ck.