Co-op of the Day: 325 Clinton Avenue, #2D

This new listing in the Clinton Hill Co-ops is either a big one-bedroom or a small two-bedroom, depending on how you’d use the dining nook. Despite being on the second floor, the apartment seems bright and the kitchen has been modernized (though not exactly lavishly). The maintenance is $837 and the asking price is $399,000.

325 Clinton Avenue, #2D [Bond] GMAP

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  • I lived in the Clinton Hill Coops for about 10 years. Loved it there. The positives are spacious, well laid out apartments, and good community (well, it’s a huge complex occupying footprints on 4 different blocks, so who knows — but my experience was pretty great). Not a terrific amount of detail, but the original floors are pretty nice.

    On the bad side: a 5% flip tax on the total sale (not just the profit). For those who do not know a flip tax is not really a tax: it’s money you pay to a cooperative upon selling your unit. And whereas “flip” taxes are supposed to dissuade people from “flipping” their apartment — buying, renovating, and quickly selling at a profit — the Clinton Hill Coops have no expiration on the flip. So I lived there for 10 years and then got hit with a < $15K fee upon selling. Buyer beware: if you're considering buying a coop, compare other cooperatives' flip tax policies. and let that be a factor in your decision.

    For what it's worth, this unit looks okay but I think there are better-priced apartments in Clinton Hill. You could probably find a high-floor unit (less noise from the street, more light) for a similar price.

  • Isn’t $837 a big hefty for a one bedroom/one bath, even if pretty spacious?

  • the second bedroom is NOT a bedroom, it is a dining room. if anyone cant figure that out then they are retarded.

    It is just a real estate ploy to say 2 bedrooms. it isn’t.

    it is a nice one bedroom.