Co-op of the Day: 1119 Ocean Parkway, #6H

This new listing at 1119 Ocean Parkway isn’t the sexiest apartment in town but at $370,000 for 1,150 square feet it’s one of the better bangs for the buck on the market right now. In addition to two bedrooms, there’s a huge living/dining space, part of which could be annexed for a third bedroom, it looks like. The kitchen and bathroom are recently remodeled, but look a little drab to us nonetheless. The monthly maintenance is $760. What do you think of it?

1119 Ocean Parkway, #6H [Keller Williams] GMAP

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  • seems like a very reasonable price in terms of the space, and I have a feeling it is great to face the Parkway. But if you are at all sociable, I don’t think there is much in terms of nightlife or community near by—the closest “interesting” street for food or drink would be, as far as I know, Newkirk or Cortelyou Road. I think you would have to be a certain type of person to want to live there. Also, what if the make up of the rest of the nearbye community?

  • I think $365,000 is actually a little high for this stretch of Ocean Parkway. It needs to be a bit closer to Cortelyou or even Newkirk to fetch that price.

  • Kensington is replete with co-ops that are bargains by most standards. The other commentators are correct: if you have a social life, want a drink, want to shop, want to eat out, you’d like to be closer to Cortelyou. It’s a trade-off: prices drop precipitously as you travel away from Ditmas Park. There are a few buildings on Webster Ave., closer to Cortelyou and a ten-minute walk from the action on Cortelyou, where you’ll find 800 sq. ft. coops in the low $200s.