House of the Day: 254 Windsor Place

We don’t know much about Windsor Terrace but its proximity to the park seems like it would be a big plus. This mixed-use property has some nice details and upgrades as well as a two-car garage. It’s close to the F and G trains, a farmer’s market, P.S. 154, and the park, according to the listing. Upstairs are two floor-through apartments with two and three bedrooms; downstairs is an open space that could work as a studio or store. What do you think of it for $2,300,000?

254 Windsor Place [Halstead] GMAP

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  • WTF? since this your job, maybe you can get to know Windsor Terrace…

    • C’mon, Brooklyn is huge, and one doesn’t get to wander around Brooklyn whilst also trying to edit and write for a daily blog this size. I freely admit I don’t know Windsor Terrace either. It’s unfortunate, but I rarely got to get over there while I lived in Brooklyn, and now that I’m not in NYC, I probably never will. That’s why this blog depends on the nice people who live in these neighborhoods and read this blog to fill us in on the fine properties, culture, and goings on in places we can’t get to in person. Then we can all get to know Windsor Terrace and other neighborhoods that don’t get covered as much, a bit better. So you, as a poster, are an ambassador for your neighborhood. Is this the kind of ambassador you want to be?

      • OK, I know Windsor Terrace. Windsor Terrace, the land of good schools, quiet one-way streets, and no fresh produce.
        This is on a nice corner.
        Here’s the deal: while prices have been rising, and this is a big property, this is still one of the highest priced in the neighborhood. Anybody looking to live can get a very nice 2 family for less than $2mil, that doesn’t have a mixed use mortgage and does have an owner’s duplex.
        Like this one:
        Maybe this house would be good for somebody who wants to live upstairs from their storefront business?

  • I used to live in this area (wish I still did) and it is awesome. It is a shame there’s no grocery store anymore though, but with two garages that doesn’t seem like it’d be much of a problem.

  • Who would want this? It’s just going to be an investor, hoping to get high rents, right? Seems like if you pay that much for WT, you wouldn’t want to deal with a tenant + a storefront and live in a floor-through.

  • Windsor Terrace is a great neighborhood just a bit east of Park Slope with historic homes and next to Prospect Park. A new Key Food supermarket is being on 11th Ave and there are two weekly farmer’s market in the area too. One is actually across the street from this home on Sundays. This home is interesting because of its condition and the great light you get on a corner exposure. Rental income is good too.