Condo of the Day: 4 South Portland Avenue, #4

Wow, it’ll have to be some kind of record for Fort Greene if the top floor of the brownstone at 4 South Portland Avenue sells for the asking price of $1,059,000. As far as we know, no single floor has ever cleared the million-dollar mark. This is a handsome apartment to be sure and it’s located in the first house in from the park so location is premium too. It’s clearly just been rehabbed, and with mostly positive results as far as we can tell. The prewar details have been preserved and the new bathroom looks nicely done but the kitchen looks as generic as they come. Strange choice. Why not spring for some nicer cabinets when you’re shooting for over $1,000 a foot?

4 South Portland Avenue, #4 [Elliman] GMAP

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  • Nice property with a decent renovation for once, but I still doubt that they will get that price. Good Luck.

  • There’s nothing bad about the apartment. The nicest thing about it is that big open living room, but that’s a lot of space to be lit up during the day by those two windows. I could see that being a pretty dim room once you move away from the front part. I’d also probably want to put in some sort of island with stools in the kitchen to maximize prep/eating space, because there’s sort of an awkward amount of unused floorspace there. All definitely cosmetic stuff that does not stop it from being totally liveable, but for that price, I’d want the space to be more functional.

  • A million bucks for one bathroom in Ft Greene?? Sorry, no. And while the kitchen aesthetic is pretty bleh, I mostly hate having a kitchen essentially on one wall of a living room.

  • This apartment is beautiful. People can alway change the cabinet to a style of their choice. The apartment is gorgeous. The view of Fort Greene Park is hypnotizing. I am scheduling an appointment to view this apartment next Tuesday.

  • Love the location but a much grander single floor co-op next door that included outdoor deck and multiple marble fireplaces just closed for mid 800s and this place doesnt even come close to that spot IMO.

  • You are comparing apples and oranges. A co-op in a financially challenged building is a dive. This apartment that I love is a CONDOMINIUM. I cannot speak of the financial of this building because I do not know. The apartment in the building next door may be okay but the building needs a lot of work including new carpet in the halls and a paint job. That is the simple things.