Activists Change Speed Limit Signs in Park Slope to 20 Miles Per Hour


Street safety activist group Right of Way installed 20-mile-an-hour speed limit signs over official city signs on Prospect Park West in Park Slope Sunday night to bring attention to traffic safety as the City Council prepares to vote on speed limits today, numerous outlets reported.

Several children have been killed in recent weeks by drivers who were going the posted speed limit or who jumped the curb. The group said reducing the speed limit from 30 to 20 would significantly reduce pedestrian deaths. The city removed the signs immediately, The Daily News reported.

Photo by Right Of Way NYC via Gothamist

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  • I am guessing they think that should only apply to cars and not bikes as well.

    • Yes, bikers, please don’t ride down PPW at 30mph. When will the wave of bike-caused deaths end?

      • Only 30, you are being generous? How about blowing through red lights, cutting off pedestrians, and going the opposite direction of traffic. Oh sorry, that’s another topic or not. This is just about cars speeding.

        • want to see cyclists running red lights at the rate of 3-4 cyclists every red light? Corner of dean and 4th avenue during the evening rush hour. They’re heading east on dean.

    • I drive a car and ride a bike. And I can tell you, it’s not one group or another that’s worse or has more assholes. PEOPLE are assholes, and the distribution of assholes is evenly spread through cyclists and drivers, I assure you. I stop at red lights and stay off the sidewalk, whatever vehicle I’m in. But I regularly see bikes AND cars just run red lights, especially around Atlantic ave, which is insane. Cars will just slow down, and then go right through the light.

      • Cars get tickets when they are caught, which I would like to see happen to cyclists. As much as I try to avoid them and give them room it seems I always come close to hitting some numbskull because they are going the wrong way or didn’t stop even though I had the right of way.

  • link to the daily news does not work

  • reporting on something that was thoroughly covered yesterday reeks of FAIL.

  • The level of predictability of commentors like chemo & handle is amazing. As is the blind support of vehicles.

    Yes, let’s get stats on number of peds killed by bikes (I’ll even be generous and point you to one in SF where an unrepentant biker killed an old man and said “I just didn’t want to stop so I picked someone to hit.”) Let’s compare them to cars killing people (4,200/yr last I looked.)

    You really can’t see the difference in danger level of a 3000 lb car and a 200 lb bike? Or that there are 100x times the number of cars vs bikes? You really see that many bikers doing 20mph+ in residential areas? That’s FAST for a bike. You really think going the opposite direction on a street with no traffic is dangerous (I’m not saying it’s good, just that it wouldn’t bother me.)

    Well, at least the world trend is against you, and for ped. zones, slow speeds, road diets and traffic (read: cars) calming, at least in urban areas.

    • I guess my irony was lost on you. :(

      • Ooops! sorry, …meant ‘halvewit’, not you.

        And, talking about halvewit, rolling stops (in the absence of peds etc) don’t harm anybody. Most of the world does not have “Stop” signs, they use “Yield” instead. Which means slow, look for peds/cars and continue. But maybe I agree, here the ‘slow’ part would disappear ;).

        • why would you address me regarding cyclists killing peds and spew specifics and statistics about cars when I DID NOT mention anything to that affect in my post??????
          You’re a moron. Go ride your bike in traffic and run red lights.

        • Have you ever gotten hit by a car?
          I have. Crossing the street, a car approaching the stop sign didn’t come to a COMPLETE stop, but rolled, while the driver was looking toward the direction of on coming traffic; not my direction, and hit me.
          I’ve also almost gotten hit by cars thinking they can roll thru a stop while I’m starting to cross the street.
          So yes, I’m all for enforcing motorists coming to a complete stop

          • YOU said “want to see cyclists running red lights at the rate of 3-4 cyclists every red light? MY post was to you and another, a general one, about commentors who predictably complain about cyclists when the subject is CARS.

            Btw, I spent time training my 10-year old kid to watch cars and not walk in front of them expecting them to stop for him, red lights, stop signs or no.Quite effective.

          • I wasn’t the one commenting about cyclists going 30mph, but yet you clam you were addressing me????
            So, when a car is 20 feet from the crosswalk with a stop sign and a pedestrian is crossing the street and gets hit because the car didn’t stop, you’re gonna blame the ped. You’re not a moron, you’re an a$$hole.

    • Based on your theory, when a biker is going the wrong way in traffic and a vehicle is not expecting that hits the biker, it must be the vehicle’s fault? I ask because I have come close to hitting a number of bikers doing just that who then look at me like it was my fault they were going the wrong way and I wasn’t expecting it. Especially when turning a corner.

      • Don’t know how you made that leap, never said anything about fault.
        But just like peds. crossing against the light (you do ‘jaywalk’, don’t you?) riding the wrong way can vary from being perfectly ok to totally stupid, depending on circumstances. Is it wrong? Yes. But it doesn’t need to brought up with horror every time.

  • i’m all for reducing speed limit in residential zones. Can we figure out a way to get motorists to make a full stop at stop signs and not just a rolling stop.

  • 30mph is a perfectly good speed limit for the majority of NYC streets. A compromise may be streets immediately adjacent to schools and parks (not this half mile thing!) and very narrow streets (where most sensible people drive 20mph anyway). I drive, I am a cyclist (who stops at red lights) and a pedestrian who walks miles every day. I have been a pedestrian in NYC for all of my 50 years, and I have never been hit by a car; because my parents told be to always look both ways before you cross – it really works! Maybe an old fashioned public service ad campaign would help. If they do this 20mph law, there will be a rash of road rage and probably an increase in accidents.

    • I drive and cycle too, the latter quite slowly. 30mph is definitely borderline for many of (say) Park Slope streets, and even 5th/6th/7th ave with 2-way traffic. It’s not so much the speed as the lack of attention some drivers pay, driving is just not considered something one should be very attentive about…so people think it’s ok to text, or drink coffee, whatever.

      Most drivers drive fine and are courteous; all this anger should be directed at the small percentage of entitled ones (many in SUVs and the Limos, I’ve noticed.) Enforcement is only a first step, as the police can never be everywhere. It needs a public-service level effort to convince people to slow down. And I would extend that to the entitled spandexed cyclists as well !

  • Also, this is typical Sloper Liberal overreaction, and that’s coming from a Liberal. They are the Tea Party of Liberals!

  • Interesting that the headline says that the activists “changed” the signs along PPW to read 20 mph — when in point of fact, there was nothing there to change. The DOT has installed signs about how bicyclists can get to the harbor, and how drivers can get to the Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum, but somehow they’ve forgotten to install A SINGLE speed limit sign on PPW. Yes, people are assholes. And yes, both cars and bikes blow through stop signs every day. But how can we expect anybody to take speed limit laws seriously if the DOT doesn’t even put up a single sign on this very controversial stretch of road?