Please Welcome Our New Reporter

We’re excited to announce that Rebecca Baird-Remba will be joining us as reporter on the Brooklyn site. Before coming to Brownstoner, Rebecca Baird-Remba wrote for the New York Daily News, Business Insider and Roll Call. She graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and politics.

In her spare time, she loves taking pictures of graffiti and street art and documenting the city streets. You can email her at or follow her on Twitter at @thecitywanderer.

Meanwhile, our reporter of three years, Emily Nonko, has moved on to Brownstoner Queens, where she is editor.

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  • welcome. hopefully your contributions will bring something interesting back to this site and a new community of posters will thrive and once again there will be interesting discussions here. its been zzzzzzzzzzzzzzville for too long, basically since mr b killed the OT and everyone fled.

    • While I was never drawn to the open thread, I agree that it was something that drew folks to the site and it was not a very good strategic idea to remove it for that reason. The reason I find myself checking in much, much less frequently (maybe once every few days now – as opposed to many times a day), is the fact that brownstoner has become less and less relevant to me. i am not interested in condominiums, hi-rises, new multi-apartment developments, and the like, which is mostly what the website drifted towards becoming about. I was originally attracted to brownstoner because I bought a brownstone and loved the community of folks that owneed them, knew about them, and enjyed exchangin info on them. Since news about brownstones has become more the exception here now, than the rule, I don’t feel compelled to check. I understand money drives this decision, but this is just my 2 cents!

      • I agree that the site has lost much of its appeal for me. I like the house of the day and the notices of new businesses, but I miss some of the old regular posters, the sense of community, and the focus on how to fix and restore brownstones. Also, the judgmental tone of some of the postings by the editor and writers seems over the top and unappealing to me.

        In any case, welcome Rebecca!

        • i think this site, like the current market. has lost touch with reality. it is catering to people who can pay all cash for a 2.5mm house. the only issue is those people don’t read real estate blogs. hence the tumbleweeds blowing through this place.

          • I agree. It seems like the site was founded 10 years ago for middle class 30-somethings priced out of the city. Now they are 40-somethings whose brownstones, once bargains, have doubled in value, and so have their owner’s assets. Is that the target audience now?
            Should the site focus on those same brownstones, now renovated and not bargains by any stretch of the imagination? or move the focus to more distant neighborhoods with fixer-upper townhouses for people priced out of other areas?

  • Disqus is partially reposnible–at least in my case. In any event, welcome, Rebecca!

  • Congrats to Emily, and welcome to Rebecca!

    Concur with others the site has lost much of its communal aspect. I’ve never felt Jonathan Butler cares a wit about our opinion on that matter. If you 200,000 unique visitors and almost two million pageviews per month, you wouldn’t either.