Design Duo Put Madcap Tudor on Market


Interior designers Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke plan to put their Prospect Lefferts Garden house up for sale this month, Nixon announced in a recent Facebook post. Prospect Lefferts Gardens hounds and longtime readers of this blog will remember unforgettable 17 Chester Court, where the Madcap Cottage (formerly John Loecke Inc.) duo took out the dining room paneling, painted the floors, and covered every surface of the English Tudor teens house with wallpaper and pattern. (Apartment Therapy has some great photos; New York Magazine covered it too.) Corcoran broker Joy Weiner gets the listing, which will go up sometime this month. As you may recall, 30 Chester Court, a HOTD last week, is also available, and a commenter tells us another house on the block is coming to market soon. Would you pay a premium for the already decorated space?

Building of the Day: 16-32 Chester Court [Brownstoner]
House of the Day: 30 Chester Court [Brownstoner]
Photo by Jill Slater for Apartment Therapy


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  • I’ve been in the house on two different PLG house tours, and it’s a joy to behold. I love people who are not afraid to go bold, and do exactly what they want. More is more, indeed, and there’s so much more in this house. Would I want to live in it? No. But it’s certainly fun to visit. I would bet the sale of this house will give them the wherewithal to do it again somewhere else, even better.

    As to the practical selling of the house, there are two types of people in the world – those who can see a house underneath whatever’s there, be it decorative exuberance, or a total wreck, and those who can’t. Those who cannot are in trouble here. Those who can will see that the guys made great capital improvements to the house, and the decorative elements that one doesn’t want, such as wallpaper, can be removed. Someone else can easily make this house their own, in their own style. The hard work’s been done, with new kitchen, baths, finished basement, etc, etc. I love these cottages, they are a great city home. I would imagine this will sell quickly for ridiculous money.

    • I also saw this on a house tour. Not my taste but irresistible at the same time — just fabulous and fun! It’s also worth pointing out that, even if a buyer wants to dial back the decorating, the work they did is quality with great materials and finishes.

  • This is totally my kind of space. Wonderful job here! I can’t wait for the open house…

  • Saw this on house tour. Has nice bones but it gave me a headache. I would think removing all that wallpaper would give many pause.

  • Those guys are really cool and very nice. Sorry that they’re leaving the neighborhood.

    • Me too; also, they were active in the push to get Chester Court either included in a PLG Historic District extension, or designating it (like Ocean Ave.) as a separate Historic District–I hope that succeeds.

  • It’s a pretty amazing place, though I think most owners would probably scale back the design elements somewhat (like stripping the paint off the floor.) The highest sale on this block was #25, a gut-renovated, nice-quality flip which went for $928K in March. It’s a different market now, so I could see this going for up to $1M if the mechanicals are all updated. The main short-term detraction (but huge long-term upside) of this place is going to be the 250-unit Hudson luxury rental project at 626 Flatbush, which will be going on directly behind this place for the next several years.

  • I would yes. Adore Chester court. Love what they did here.

  • sorry but this thing is fucking hideous to look at.

  • I think the interiors are done with a lot of style and personal flair. I do not know the age of the occupants but I would suggest that after one’s sixtieth birthday the best thing to do is to start to sell and give away stuff otherwise some poor relation or friend is going to get stuck with having to unload and sell all this stuff once you go off to the great chintz poof in the sky.
    I have had to deal with these types of estates and it’s exhausting. Really hard. Collectors should take pitty on their heirs and assigns.
    Also, this stuff doesn’t sell for a lot in the estate market. you get shockingly little for a lifetime of tsochkee hoarding.

    • I think they have a good way to go before then, Minard – a much-younger friend of mine went to school with one of them. I would just like to add that I love anyone who references Nick and Nora Charles (and Asta!) as dream clients!

  • 30 Chester Court is in contract.

  • I hope they are offering all the furnishings with the house. It is a big collection of textures and flourishes and colors. I had to post again- It’s absolutely perfect.