House of the Day: 12 College Place

The design of this Brooklyn Heights mews leaves us mostly cold, but the $8,995,000 price tag is intriguing. The main rooms are aggressively modern, almost brutalist, while other features, such as wedding cake mantels, seem incongruous. Is that baseboard heating we see, hidden under fancy covers? Well, at least there’s garage space for a car! What do you think of it — and the price?

12 College Place [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • $8,995,000 / 4100 sf = hahahahahahahahahaha!

  • I love it and the location. (OK, not really crazy about the location and I suspect I would need to install a ton of storage along a wall in the kitchen.) Now if only I could scrape up about $7 million or so …

  • So lazily done. They’re trying to force a few historic details to live in an aggressively modern redesign and the effect is just cold and confusing. There is a way to incorporate old and new into one space, and this is not it. The lack of curb appeal, next to the rest of those lovely homes on that block, does not help.

  • Less than 1 year ago, the present owner bought the house, which was rebuilt by the condo developer across the street, for $4.85mm (which itself was a pretty inflated price ). Then finished the kitchen/bathrooms, and now trying to flip for $4mm profit. Hello, crazy-town…

  • i like the couch. who’s with me?

  • Too expensive but i really like it.

  • What the photos don’t show is that you’re DIRECTLY next door to the monolithic back wall of a CVS. Not only not the nicest sight but once a day there’s a giant pile of crushed cardboard boxes piled up there — 30 feet from your front door.

  • I don’t think you realize what you’re looking at. That stove alone costs 15K and is imported from France. Maybe this is too high end and out of the brownstoner readers price range! I had to post this comment when I see something that is really upscale and expensive being bashed because readers don’t even know what they are looking at.

  • I won’t say that the price is worth it since prices in Brooklyn seem to have skyrocketed beyond belief in some other sections that seem quite popular but which, nonetheless, have major crime problems. BH is a wonderful neighborhood, very close to Manhattan with wonderful views nearby, and with lots of shopping and restaurants within walking distance. The master bedroom in this house is really beautiful and spacious. From the photos shown, all the rooms seem spacious, a major consideration, at least for me, when one is spending big bucks. Luxury is not compatible with shoebox rooms. While I don’t like the bathtub at all and would probably not spend $15 grand on a stove, those are minor considerations. It’s a great house with a beautiful garden and expect I would have the windows wide open facing that rather than the CVS cartons. I like the facade a lot also; not everything has to be a brownstone. As I said before, if I only had another $7 million or so….