Where Is Affordable Housing Promised for ‘Burg?

The City hasn’t only failed to live up to its promises for parkland, but has built less than 2 percent of the affordable housing it pledged in exchange for rezoning the North Brooklyn waterfront, DNAinfo reported. Eight years ago the City said rezoning would allow 1,345 affordable units on City-owned land in North Brooklyn; in fact, only 19 have been built. The track record is slightly better for privately owned affordable housing: Out of 2,203 promised affordable units, 788 have been built. The City says more affordable housing is in the works, including in the Domino conversion and the controversial Greenpoint Landing complex. A group of nonprofits and local pols are planning a protest Wednesday to demand the City build more affordable housing in the area, where rents have skyrocketed to Manhattan levels. The rally will take place at 6 pm Wednesday, May 22, on Kent Avenue and North 7th Street.
City Built Less Than 2 Percent of Affordable Units Promised to Williamsburg [DNAinfo]

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  • Affordable housing goes against everything Neu Brooklyn stands for. Especially in Williamsburg. Poor/long time residents are supposed to be pushed OUT of the city, not encouraged to stay.

  • we are ll such sheeps, another politicians will come around, give out tax $$ & promise teh same thing & we’ll going along. So blame the sheeps, not the herders.

  • someone on DNA posted that the private developers have built affordable housing. the city owned promised places are mostly supposed to go in that the hospital at cooper park and there are hold ups there. it’s perhaps a bit mis-leading.