Media Center to Replace Pratt Art Store

550-myrtle-avenue-pratt-052313The building at 550 Myrtle Avenue that currently houses the Pratt Store will be getting a major makeover by architectural firm WASA/Studio A in preparation for its transformation into a media center for the school. The building has 15,000 square feet of space and will house sound stages, a recording studio, mixing rooms and a screening room, DNAinfo reported. WASA/Studio A also designed Pratt’s Myrtle Hall, where Utrecht Art Supply Store is located. The new design is still in the planning stages, but the building’s mezzanine will stay. No word yet on whether Pratt intends to expand upward. The redo of 550 Myrtle Avenue is expected to be completed by fall of 2014.
Video and Media Center to Replace Soon-To-Be Shuttered Pratt Store [DNAinfo]
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  • I’ll really miss the Pratt store. Utrecht Art Supply open near them a couple of years ago, but isn’t nearly as good. I treasure the Japanese offset fine point brushes I got at Pratt which make spotting my prints really easy.