Closing Bell: Pulaski Bridge Bike Lane a Qualified Yes

The Department of Transportation has determined that a dedicated bike lane on the Pulaski Bridge would not adversely affect traffic there, according to a press release from Assemblyman Joe Lentol, who has been pushing for a dedicated lane. “After all the letters and calls, I am proud to say that a dedicated bike lane could be coming on the Pulaski Bridge,” he said. “By this time next year, cyclists and pedestrians could have their own dedicated lanes and could be crossing the bridge without fear of injury.” Still to be completed by the end of the year, however, is an engineering study to determine how to design and install the dedicated lane.

2 Comment

  • Good news. There are more and more people, especially on bikes, on the Pulaski these days.

  • I wrote to the DoT 4 years ago about this due to the chaos on the “shared” path because of a good percentage of bikers being A holes to the peds trying to walk across the bridge. They talked about there not being enough funds, yet at the same time going ahead with the bike lane idea over the barely-used-at-all Greenpoint Ave. bridge. One only has to walk over the Pulaski to see the three “southbound” vehicle lanes are very underused, and that the ped/bike lane was a mess. This should have been one of the first bike lanes put into place.