Bloomberg Reveals City Plans for Gowanus Sewage

gowanus-canal-9th-street-view-brooklynPlanned upgrades to a Gowanus Canal sewage pumping station are still on track, despite damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, The New York Times reported. Mayor Bloomberg announced changes to the project at a press conference yesterday. The pumping station redirects sewage from the Gowanus Canal into a sewage treatment center; it was out for about 33 hours after the hurricane cut power to the station, during which time about 13 million gallons of raw sewage were released into the canal. The City was already well into a three-year project to upgrade the station to decrease the amount of sewage going into the canal, partly by increasing the amount of clean water it contains, and has now amended the project to prevent the discharge of raw sewage into the canal in future storms by raising the elevation of mechanical equipment above the flood area, Bloomberg said. It is also building a wall and floodgates. While the cost of the project has increased, the whole thing is still on track to finish up this year.
Upgrades on Schedule for Gowanus Pumping Station Despite Hurricane [NY Times]

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  • Hurray This is wonderful news for all the homeowners and by homeowners I mean all those of the new generation that bought at bubbled prices and are now underwater even after trippling the rents. Maybe you can ask your real estate friendly Mayor who can’t leave fast enough to change the name of the Gowanus Canal to The Brooklyn Riviera or Saint Marco’s Canal like the one in Venice. That will inflate home prices even more.