Co-op of the Day: 233 Union Street #4

Here’s another small-but-beautiful two-bedroom in brownstone Brooklyn. Custom built-ins, a working wood-burning fireplace, and a second bathroom are the big draws here. However, if our back-of-envelope calculations are correct, at $719,000, the ask works out to more than $1,000 per square foot. Does that seem high for the location?
233 Union Street #4 [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • I remember back in 1991-1994 when I lived in Hong Kong and places broke the US$1,000 psf price. Any idea where they are now?????

    There’s a shortage of inventory and demand is gerowing as the economy recovers. Get used to it.

  • the only shower is through the master bedroom? not very practical… but a cute apartment… seems to $$ though

  • The washer/dryer in the apartment, plus that bonus space that you could use for an office or a baby in addition to the second bedroom, are pretty appealing. Carroll Gardens has been super-popular lately, so I wouldn’t say the price is shocking.

  • Very nice looking apartment. Similar to what I was looking this time last year. They’ll definitely get their price.

  • Light streams into the over sized windows. They are not over sized, they are regular Brooklyn double hung windows. Don;t let the wording fool you.

    No, there is not ample storage space in this ugly open kitchen, or apartment for that matter.

    Big whoops there are SS appliances and granite counter tops. It is an ugly granite they chose, and I like black appliances better. It isn’t an open kitchen, it is a living room and they shoved the kitchen area in the corner, and now call it open, way to much HGTV here.

    Oh goodie, we have charm from the fireplace, that was probably originally used to heat the tenement in the first place. OMG, an “en suite” bathroom, God forbid someone has to walk down a hall way…

    The bonus space? WTF? There is no coat closet. Yes, I have 8 coats, I admit it. The second bathroom, are you kidding me, there is no way this apartment requires a 2nd bathroom, it has no closets. Are people that hung up on bathrooms that even in these small tenements they would rather give up a closet and have a toilet??? un-believeable.

    Washer and dryer are in the bathroom, please, chuck the dryer, I want a clothesline

    oh goodie, additional storage in the basement. That would be good for bicycles.

    Wow, considering this was probably built as a tenement, my have the prices soared, and transplants think they have hit gold…..meanwhile native Brooklynites, know exactly what this is, it is nothing more than a glorified tenement, but for top dollar.

    and I like tenements though…

    • I live in a tenement much like this one, thank you very much. Mine is of a similar size and has two full baths. You are entitled to your opinion but realize that you are in the minority. This apartment checks a lot of boxes for people.

  • Welp, looks like I’m renting forever.

  • You don’t even understand building history, or Brooklyn buildings! Tenement? Hard to tell from the picture, but more likely a once-single-family brownstone, with the stoop later taken off and turned into floor-thru apartments. Are you aware that many Brooklynites live in apartments that were once part of one-family brownstones, and have, for almost a century? It doesn’t sound like you do understand that. If this wasn’t single family, but built as flats, it was never a tenement anyway. You should look up the definition of tenement.

    And even if the fireplace was used to heat years ago, it woudn’t have been wood-burning, rather, it would have been gas or coal. Someone spent bucks to make this a wood burning fireplace, and you’d better bet that’s worth something to people – just ask an appraiser.

    The bathroom ensuite is OK with me here, since there is a powder room for guests. I don’t think someone buying this place would be looking to share with anyone but a young child in that front bedroom, so the bathtub in the en suite bathroom works fine here. It would be easy to fix if you didn’t want the full bathroom access from the bedroom – either move the door to open into foyer, or create a little entry hallway to the bedroom by moving the bedroom door.

    Yes, people like 2 bathrooms. Nobody says you need to live with 2 if you don’t want to. Standalone wardrobes and storage solutions are easy to add, bathrooms are not.

    Changes I would make would be covering that brick wall with sheetrock, moving the kitchen sink to the peninsula counter (I hate those little sinks in corners, and hate looking into the corner when at the sink – much better to look out at the living room and its windows). And I’d probably move the bathrooom door to open into the foyer, so houseguests can shower without coming through my bedroom. Easy changes.

  • I usually agree with stargazer but not this time, except I do think a coat closet is a very good thing. I think this is quite good. It has many of the things a small family would look for and seems to have a nice, relaxing vibe to it. I’d probably use the “den” as the kid’s bedroom even though it’s through the master bedroom and use the other room as an office. I’m also firmly of the belief that 1.5 bathrooms is the minimum for a family that includes two working adults. I think that’s a perfect ask. They’ll get it.