Condo of the Day: 1 Hanson Place #23G

This two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo at One Hanson just hit the market with an asking price of $1,150,000, an increase of more than 13 percent over what it traded for back in 2010. It’s a very nice pad, with two real bedrooms, beamed ceilings and views commensurate with its 23rd-floor location. Think they’ll get their price?
1 Hanson Place #23G [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • That view will be toast as soon as that new building goes up next door.

  • The Two Trees building planned next door will not block the view. The building is going up further over in the lot. The new building will be in front of the new BAM Richard Fisher Building. You can look up the renderings on line.

    Starting on page 21 it gives a lot of details about the proposed plan. On page 34 there is a rendering of the western view of the building. As you can see the building while large will not be blocking any of the western views and will bring a lot of new amenities to the area.

    I don’t understand why $1000/sf is out of line. The area is far better than Dumbo and that’s the norm over there. The view from this place is better and I’ll take Barclay’s on one side BAM on the other – plus 10 subway lines (and LIRR). Dumbo has the F and its a walk from the heart of the neighborhood.

  • Not sure I agree with der zimster. You can see the cranes at Erie Basin, with the Statue of Liberty beyond it, through the windows, which is a more southwesterly perspective.

  • The building is going to be to the right of the Willamsburgh Savings Bank. The lot in question does have the narrow triangle tip in front of WSB, but the height of the building is not going to be there.

    Standing in front of the windows and looking to the right you would see it, but looking straight ahead it won’t block the views at all. Looking in the direction of the proposed building what you see is downtown Brooklyn, not the Statue of Liberty.

    Also, the exact configuration isn’t a done deal