Burst Pipe at Lefferts Hotel Floods Three Homes

A pipe burst on the second floor at the problem-plagued Lefferts Hotel in Clinton Hill causing major flooding yesterday evening according to a fire department spokesman. A tipster tells us that water also damaged a number of adjacent brownstones. Firemen were unable to shut off the vacant building’s water valve because the basement had flooded with seven feet of water and, says the tipster: “water was pouring out of windows and down the side of the building like a waterfall.” The Department of Environmental Protection had to be called to shut off the water main from the street. However, that took hours and in the meantime water spread to adjoining homes. Our tipster reports that neighboring 123 Lefferts had over four feet of water in the basement. The Lefferts Hotel has been a problem on this block for years as we wrote back in 2010 after the vacate order was issued: “Back in 2006, after an undercover operation exposed extensive drug and prostitution activities going on behind those shaded windows, the hotel somehow managed to maintain enough leverage to negotiate a deal that enabled them to stay open as long as they switched from being a short-stay hotel to a long-term residential one and installed some surveillance cameras.” Does anyone have any more information on this most recent calamity?

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  • They had numerous fines for illegal plumbing and electrical work sans permits and were also fined for lying on documentation submitted to DOB. The windows had been left open from the workers who had been continuing to do illegal work on the hotel over the past year despite repeated fines. Let’s hope he’s unable to collect insurance on this due to his own negligence and has to pay from his own pockets. The DOB court system thought it was a great idea to reduce and waive most of the fines and give them a permit to start up work again because Mike Moses Fried is so awesome and had dug through the foundation between 125 & 127 structurally compromising the buildings so he could illegally house guests next door and not pay any taxes to the IRS. Thanks! Will the mayor’s office ever take responsibility for this and shut him down? PLEASE?

  • The owner of this building has had more opportunities to get himself together than Lindsay Lohan. Enough already. I really don’t understand the hesitation in not taking real action here. I know plenty of people with piddly problems who get hounded beyond belief. What’s going on here?