Park Slope Rezoning Could Overcrowd P.S. 10

The rezoning of Park Slope schools, designed to ease overcrowding at popular P.S. 321 and P.S. 107, could have an unexpected effect on Park Slope school P.S. 10. The magnet school for math, science and technology, which was in the news for a parent-led flashmob over the summer, might have to cut its pre-K program to squeeze in all the new kids the rezoning will send their way, reported The New York Daily News. (The rezoning passed last week.) Even though the number of kindergarteners coming into P.S. 10 will grow, the situation will be saved by cutting out-of-zone kindergarteners from 46 percent to 30 percent or less, according to Department of Education officials. P.S. 10’s principal is also thinking of closing the music and art rooms to make more space for out-of-zone siblings who want to attend the school.
Rezoning Plan Could Mean No More Pre-K at Slope School [NY Daily News]
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  • I don’t know anything about PS 10 but it seems that a principal who is cutting music and art rooms to make room for out-of-zone siblings may be a bit short-sighted. We all know that once those rooms are gone, they are gone forever. Pre-k vs out of zone sibs is a closer call, because according to the DOE no one has a right to free pre-k, nor does any out-of-zone sibling have a right to attend the school.

  • I was under the impression that this was a DOE mandate to keep siblings in the same school, even after they move out of zone or out of district. If it isn’t, then it’s time to stop the madness. If you don’t live in the zone, and even moreseo if you are not in the district, you should not be granted a space in the school. Too many people game the system in the more desirable schools. It ain’t fair. I would love to know what the numbers are and exactly how many out of zone and out of district families have been granted seats in these overcrowded schools. Anyone know? If it’s a drop in the bucket I will shut up, but I really feel it’s more than a drop.

    • it’s sort of complicated, but no. except for cases like rezoning (i.e., where you didn’t move, but the zone lines changed, and now you’re out of zone), out of zone siblings are not mandated entry. the basic “priority order” is zoned siblings, then zoned non-siblings, then out-of-zone siblings, then out of district siblings, but only zoned kids *must* be accommodated. and even then, it is possible to “cap” zoned schools, which means that zoned kids could be sent to other local schools once the cap is reached.

      the issue that principals face is that sometimes in order to get appropriate class sizes and budgets, they might let in out-of-zone kids. if you have 30 zoned first graders, but a max class size of 25, it is perhaps wise to let in 10 out-of-zone kids and the funding that follows them, so that you can more easily pay for the 2 teachers you will need.

      i suspect with PS 10 that there is also a Title I (federal low-income schools subsidy) funding issue. out-of-zone families would tend to be less affluent than the park slope families, and are probably a large contributing factor to PS 10’s Title 1 status. if the school loses that status, they’ll be operating with around $200K less in funding annually.

  • Rezoning seems to be the only solution DOE has for over crowding. If you look close to the numbers. Even with the new zone, PS107 and PS321 will be still operating at 100% after the rezone. How long do you think they will have to do an other rezoning again?