House of the Day: 356 Sackett Street

This 22-foot-wide brick townhouse at 356 Sackett Street in Carroll Gardens has been extensively renovated while preserving original Italianate details such as the parlor cornice and marble fireplaces. Upgrades include a marble kitchen, two skylights, central air and a third-floor master suite. While technically a three-family, the house is currently set up as an owner’s triplex with a garden apartment or guest suite on the ground floor. At $4,099,000, it’s also the priciest house for sale in Carroll Gardens right now, according to Curbed. Think they’ll get their ask?
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  • that’s a pretty scary price for an somewhat ordinary brick.

  • I’ll let someone else do the leg work and tell us how much it traded for previously, but it’s pretty obvious what we have here is an enticement to overpay for someone else’s dream house, someone else’s architect, and packaged with someone’s else’s design choices. Would you prefer that over buying an estate condition home, making that your dream house, hiring your own architect and designer, and spending less money for exactly what YOU want?

    This is NOT a premier block, and you will have the privilege of paying the highest price ever paid on that block to date (and for a long, long, long time). That should make you feel great.

    My papi taught me to buy the smallest or least expensive home in an area of upscale or nicer homes, and let the little boat rise with the tide. This listing seems counter intuitive, but that’s just human nature (we always view things through the prism of our own experience).

    Good luck to the sellers. l’shana tova

  • $4.1 million for Sackett & Smith? Really??? (Cue Pete in 3-2-1 …) I agree with everything BoHill posted.

  • $4.10 is your opener, cgar?

    I like it, let’s see what they counter with.

    I couldn’t resist. Traded for $2.025M back in 2006.

    They should take down those two white globe lights in the kitchen and replace them with brass fixtures.

  • Why not list it at $3.9??? 4.099? Thats a dumb list price to me. The seller is gunna make a killing anyway, isnt 3.9 a lot less of an eye sore then 4.099??? Once you go over 4 mill your really in some dicey territory. Pretty Ballsy price…but thats what Ive been seeing every where!!! Lets sell our house now to some schmuck (yiddish for the new year) for 4mil…The schmuck thinks its agreat buy and it’ll be worth 6 million once the stadium is complete…NOT!!!!…lol come on people get real!!!! TIME FOR A REALITY CHECK…..AGAIN! I guess I would of been laughed out of the house if I were at this listing appointment lol…I’d of said 3-3.2 mil most….Maybeeeee.

  • ^^^I will add that I’m certain someone will pay the asking price – or close to it – since properties are flying off the shelves these days, prices be damned.

  • In my opinion, someone who purchases a 4 million dollar home is anything but a “schmuck.” Successful, yes. Very rich, yes. A schmuck, not necessarily. The nasty comments sound as though they come from a place of jealousy. I don”t know if this home will fetch the asking price, but those who are buying and selling these homes don’t really care what the brownstoners think, anyway. They are busy making money.

  • I do agree with all the Qs but this reno looks beautiful to me, and buying a home in move in condition is something many people ARE willing to pay for. Probably not any of us browstoner rats, but some people.

  • @prospectperk…its not a 4million dollar home so if you pay 4 million dollars for it you’re a Schmuck, I dont care if you have a billion in the bank and piss $100 bills when you wake up each morning, if you work so hard for your money and you got so far in life because of your alimighty intelligence over meeger men and women like the patrons of this lovely blog then why would you pay a million dollars more then what other similar homes are asking? theyre busy making money and wasting it on over priced real estate like this. BTW Ive been pretty busy all day making money… I wrote something a few weeks back that had to do with building equity in a home, explain to me how you can do that in this situation? any smart person isnt going to buy with out the opportunity to make money or at the very least enjoy your stay and break even on it, if you do you are a SCHMUCK no other way to cut it & it ABSOLUTLEY is not stemmed from jealously…not even one tiny little bit. On top of that, there have been way harsher things said on this blog lol.Im jealous of the clock tower at 1 main st…not an ordinary brick house in carrol gardens.

  • I think they Will get the ask. This is a nice home . Worth every penny .

  • @prospectperk

    Two typical reactions:

    1) you own and hope to sell in the near term “Good luck, hope they can get it!”

    2) you rent or are in the market “Greedy schmucks!”

  • @Pmags –

    I think most are in agreement this is a very nice house, love the photos.

    At issue is whether that stretch of Sackett is ready for a quantum leap from the $2.5-$2.8M you would expect to see this priced at, and $4M. Is this house so well done that it commands a 46-64% premium?

    Beautiful home, but lacking three things: location, location and location.

  • @Pmags –

    I think most are in agreement this is a very nice house, love the photos.

    At issue is whether that stretch of Sackett is ready for a quantum leap from the $2.5-$2.8M you would expect to see this priced at, and $4M. Is this house so well done that it commands a 46-64% premium?

    Beautiful home, but lacking three things: location, location and location.

  • They will be lucky to get in the low 3’s in my view. I dont blame them for going for a big $ but that property is simply not worth that number. If I were them I’d list 3.5mm to start.

  • PS 29 is wonderful. Living next door to the Jake Walk, not so much.

  • It is a great house that is beautifully renovated and pretty big too; but there is no way that they are going to get $4m! I used to live on that block, and it is hardly Columbia Heights. I have seen comparable houses going for more like $2.5m.

  • Shortage of inventory often compensates for a less than ideal location. Buyers often can’t wait for the “perfect” house to come along. It’s a nice big house with a great layout. I like that the ground floor could be a rental or granny apartment. The open area between the bedrooms on the top floor is also very cool — kids love this. But, apart from the parlor floor, many of the rooms look like sheetrock boxes. And the brick facade hasn’t been repointed, just painted over. That’s kinda cheapskate at this price point.

  • ok, don’t follow house prices in that area, so no comment on what they’ll get. Would change much of the lighting, and wish they left a patch of grass in the back yard. Otherwise, really nice house.

    Those who say it won’t appreciate, who’s to know? There have been many times in the past 50 years when people said “this is the height, it will never appreciate,” and that was when brownstones went for a mere fraction of this. If history be any guide, buying for the long term (to be able to overcome any short term downturns) may work out really well. It is a crapshoot – but unless we really do reach the end of the empire soon (it is coming, but no one knows exactly when, the writing is on the wall, the 21st century will NOT be the American (or at least U.S.) century) – this is as likely to go up as not, over time. Until the floods…