A Look at the St. Ann’s Design for Tobacco Warehouse

Legal problems resolved, St. Ann’s Warehouse is now free to proceed with its new theater space, the renderings for which were posted Wednesday by The Architect’s Newspaper and reblogged by Curbed. As previously reported, the romantic ruins will stay, while a modern and minimal building will rise within. A nearby space under the Brooklyn Bridge will become a public garden, complete with a cafe with outdoor seating.
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  • “legal problems resolved” LOL! You mean they lost both lawsuits resoundingly? That’s one way to put it.
    The resolution is still a long way away because now that they lost the lawsuits and were reprimanded by the judges hearing the cases, the Parks Department is going to have follow legal provisions for the privatization of public parkland, which is going to take some time. I would say years.

  • Too bad the Brooklyn Heights NIMBYs delayed this for so many years with their ridiculous lawsuits.

    Hopefully now we can move forward, and get this site renovated as a cultural amenity.

  • even a person of limited understanding has to appreciate that a lawsuit that wins twice, once in State court and once in Federal court, cannot be all that ridiculous.

  • Agreements we reached, Ms. Minard, that have addressed all the concerns raised in the suits. The legal problems are in fact over. Please check if you don’t believe me.

    Further, this was never ‘open space’ as virtually always ‘tented when rented’.
    Leaving it vacant is a ridiculous idea.

    You’ll see how wonderful it becomes when my beloved St. Anns – and many other users – put on plays, musicales and more in the new spaces.

    • people really are not understanding this.
      the legal problems are indeed over because the plaintiffs won the lawsuit. in other words, the parks department has to start over and proceed legally (imagine!) to de-map the tobacco warehouse and the Empire Stores from a public park, namely the former Fulton Ferry Empire State Part, which is now part of the Brooklyn Bridge CIty Park.
      The lawsuit was never about St. Ann’s, it was about privatization of public parkland. The process is complicated, as it ought to be. It even requires an act by the State Legislature -check if you don’t believe me. So with any luck, in a year or two, or three, the land transfer will be done, this time legally, and a private theater company or someone else, can take over the Tobacco Warehouse space and the Empire Stores.

  • I know Minard. They won the process-related lawsuit. The faulty map the Park Service did (which included privately owned buildings on Water Street and on Main) is being changed and the process of unfolding as you said. But legal is over, process has to be completed.

  • i gotta say, just in terms of looks, I like the Tobacco Warehouse better as it is right now than in that rendering. It looks ordinary in the rendering.