More Details on Downtown Parking Revisions

Following-up on earlier news that City Planning was reconsidering the number of spaces it has required residential developers in Downtown Brooklyn to build, Atlantic Yards Report this morning considers the impact of the probably move on parking and traffic around the Barclays Arena. As part of the post, the blog embeds City Planning’s slideshow presentation from Monday’s City Planning meeting that’s certainly worth a look if you are interested in this topic.

3 Comment

  • So under the proposal a building like Avalon Fort Greene will still have 38 more parking spaces than it needs, or enough space to build two or three studio or one-bedroom apartments.

    Cities across the country are abolishing parking minimums and even instituting parking maximums. Brooklyn should catch up…tons of people are moving here without a car and no plans to ever get one.

  • If the price wasn’t high, many of these spaces would have been in use. Garages in downtown area ranges from $250-350/mo. At that rate, who and how many will actually willing to pay for those spots. Lower the price and it’ll fill up pretty quick. But of course, if they did then it wouldn’t help the case of we need to build less spots.

  • But, babo111, if they lower the price, then the parking spots won’t pay for the cost of their construction and real estate, and residents without cars will be subsidizing those with cars. And will be required to, as a matter of city policy. How is that a good thing?