Co-op of the Day: 299 13th Street, #5D

We love to see FSBOs in the Brownstoner Marketplace so we took special note when this one at 299 13th Street popped up recently. The fifth-floor two-bedroom ain’t huge (especially that second bedroom) but it’s in good shape, has two exposures and perhaps most importantly is priced within range of mere mortals at $495,000. Maintenance is a manageable $623 a month. Not a bad entry point for the South Slope, is it?
299 13th Street, #5D [FSBO] GMAP P*Shark

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  • 5 x 13 is not a bedroom. It is a small space the tenants now are using as a bedroom. The R/E should not be saying it is a bedroom, because it isn’t

    The apartment isn’t terrible though.

  • Don’t tell that to my daughter…

  • Don’t tell that to my daughter…

  • Agree to tiny to be a bedroom. And I like the 6-7 foot narrow hall old bedrooms in brownstones, but this one is just TOO narrow. Funny thing is, they could have easily made a wider bedroom here without reducing the size of the other one too much, just take the little nook in that bedroom and the useless hallway outside the narrow room, and you’d have a useful sized room, as it looks like the place was renovated and sheetrocked and that these aren’t original walls.

  • The view from the private roof deck looks nice. On the other hand, the apartment is on the 5th floor, and this looks like a walk-up building.

  • Are there sqft requirements for bedrooms? I know of the window/closet requirements.

    4C, which appears to be similar, has been on the market at 445,000 since August. Don’t know what’s going on there

    • Actually, a bedroom is not defined in NYC’s Multiple Dwelling Law; instead, it specifies that any room meeting the criteria for a living room may be used for sleeping. These requirements are as follows: at least 56 sq. ft. in area; at least 8 feet tall from floor to ceiling; at least 8′ on its shortest side, except that up to 1/2 of the living rooms in an apartment of three or more living rooms may be 7′ on their shortest side; and with at least one window opening directly upon a street, lawful yard, court, or space above a setback on the same lot (all of which must be at least 6′ in width).

      So nothing about a closet, but this space looks like it loses out on the minimum space requirement of at least 7′ in its shortest side.

      • Of course it also specifies that, regardless of size, etc., foyers, w/c compartments (1/2 baths), bathrooms, cooking spaces less than 59 sq. ft in area, and halls, corridors, and passageways entirely within an apartment or suite of rooms are not living rooms. So does this mean that a really big kitchen with a window could also be called a bedroom? I can’t wait to see some agent try to pass off one of those as a kitchen/bedroom!

  • 5 floor walk up with 1.5 bedrooms. Perfect for a youngish couple with no kids…

  • For me, a bedroom has to at least be able to fit a twin bed on its shortest wall. This can’t.

    I agree, it’s a nice place for a couple or singleton.

  • I’m sure it’s a walk-up because a) it’s that kind of a building, b) they don’t mention an elevator in the ad, and c) they DO mention “stroller parking” in the lobby, which is supposed to provide some comfort — at least you are not lugging a stroller AND a kid up those stairs. My kid’s bedroom is small, but that is . . . small. Once the kid is out of a crib that wouldn’t work at all — and wouldn’t even work for a kid still in a crib if you want the toys contained in the kid’s room and not all over the living room.

  • Definitely nice finishes, but maybe worth $420k considering the second BR, walkup and 13th st.