Closing Bell: Heights Montessori Renovated, Expanded

This is old news at this point, but the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School in Cobble Hill has completed a renovation and expansion that was years in the making. The Montessori purchased the adjacent fire patrol station at 12 Dean Street in July 2009. The result? The school added 11,000 square feet to the existing campus and also renovated the entire facility. It’s pretty cool looking. Click through for more photos.
Brooklyn Heights Montessori School [Official Site] GMAP
Photos by Keith Telfeyan

A photo of the theater on the first floor of the converted firehouse

A photo of the terraces on the second floor of the converted firehouse

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  • That is really nice, good for them! I’ll bet that the kids will think it’s cool to be taking classes in a firehouse.

  • Good thing they closed the Little Room (a well loved and respected special needs program that was almost 30 years old) because they needed more space and it didn’t fit with their program. Lovely space though…

  • Looks beautiful. Great to see some picts of the outcome – thought it was so cool they were able to expand into an adjacent building, and a firehouse no less. I would’ve loved to have gone to school in a firehouse!

  • This building looks great. Nice that they kept the character of the firehouse in the renovation (red metal frames at the doors and windows, etc.). Much more fun for kids to go to school in a building that looks like an old firehouse than any old gutted brick building.