Condo of the Day: 100 Jay Street, #21F

What a view! This new listing on the 21st floor of J Condo has some of the best sight lines we’ve seen in a listing in a long time. The 1,600-square-foot condo also offers two bathrooms and three bedrooms (though when we looked at the floor plan all we could think about was tearing out the third bedroom to create a huge living area). The asking price of $1,495,000 is priced favorably versus other listings in the building, some of which are asking well over $1,000 per square foot. You like?
100 Jay Street, #21F [Halstead] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Brownstoner. Would you believe, when we first started selling J Condo, the F line wasn’t selling at all. It got to the point we started considering splitting the unit up into two One Bedroom apartments. Now it’s a very popular line with great sale prices and rents. It reminds me of something Barrie Mandel from Corcoron told me 15 years ago when we were stressing about an apartment line that wasn’t selling: “Relax, sweetheart. If you have 5 daughters, one of them has to get married last. It doesn’t mean someone won’t love her.”

  • I continue to wonder if the proximity of 100 Jay St. to the massive affordable housing project just down the street matters or not? Can anyone opine?

  • LOVE…this seems reasonably priced for a change

  • hudsonheartsbrooklyn- that’s because 3 bedrooms used to not be in demand- now it’s what everyone wants…it’s called kids…they come at you fast if you’re not careful :)