Development Watch: Action at PLG Tower Site

PLOG takes note that there’s some excavation happening at the stalled Prospect-Lefferts Gardens site where a developer once planned a 23-story glass tower and which, more recently, was rumored to have been sold. This raises more questions than it answers, though: No new DOB permits have shown up online for the parcels, 31 Lincoln Road and 510 Flatbush Avenue, and if they’ve been sold the deed has yet to make its way to public records.
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  • Well, well, well, it is about time. This is going to be a closely watched project – I hope they put enough viewing ports into the fence.

  • The photo for this on PLOG is really cool, taken through the viewing port in the wood fence and framed by a section of the PLG Arts mural. PLOG itself as a new nabe blog is really cool; glad for it.