Dumbo’s 37 Bridge Hits the Market

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A few listings in the conversion at 37 Bridge Street in Dumbo, which we’ve been tracking for a couple years now, have popped up. The 45-unit condo has been dubbed Kirkman Lofts, and the four units listed on StreetEasy are running from $585,000 for an 886-square-foot studio to $1,600,000 for a 2,803-square-foot three bedroom. Sample pics from the $1.6 mil listing are shown above. Here’s a bit of the broker’s write-up on the building, which is a former soap factory: “Features include restored steel silo accents throughout every home, reclaimed wood accents, oversized, industrial-inspired windows, and solid oak flooring.”
Kirkman Lofts Listing [Halstead]
Kirkman Lofts [StreetEasy]
Development Watch: 37 Bridge Street [Brownstoner]
Windows for 37 Bridge Street [Brownstoner]
Development Watch: Inside 37 Bridge Street [Brownstoner]
Checking In at 37 Bridge Street [Brownstoner] GMAP
Development Watch: 37 Bridge Street [Brownstoner]

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  • wtf with the motorcycle/american flag situation in the bedroom???

    dumbo/vinegar hill are cool in theory, but the lack of delis/subways/power plant/weddings and tourists all weekend make it a nightmare to live in i imagine.

  • What’s up with the American flag in every single room??? Really odd.

  • Vinegar Hill doesn’t get the tourists…. Bridge Street another world than Main/Washington F train four blocks from building, A is 7 blocks if you go back way to Sands/Adams entrance….

    Power plant only produces steam for 15th Street Con Ed plant that feeds Downtown, except in the cases of extreme summer demand when it adds electricity to the grid USED to power downtown BK, no longer does

    all this matters little as everything in dumbo/vinegar hill sells

  • Vinegar Hill needs an “Extreme Makeover” the place is a mess.

  • charming that way… still has a busy bakery, furniture storage, restaurant furniture manufacturing, vacant storage space, vacant 57 Bridge… some residents, one resto plus two spanish bfast/lunch places on Bridge quite a few renovated houses

  • kids from projects do some mugging in VH for sure

  • Definitely trying to get Dumbo prices for VH- i was inside for a showing. Kitchens have little storage and cheap countertops, plus how long are grey cabinets ‘cool’? Bathroom counters are bright orange and that strange plastic covered wood again.
    You’d have to be ok with the views overlooking the Con Ed plant, which is not easy on the eyes…

  • Is this VH? Building type and location make it DUMBO for me. If that matters to you, it’s a block further away from the projects than 220 Water Street, which we were discussing yesterday (and this has far nicer windows, IMHO!).

  • Re: flag and motorcycle–The staging looks low-end Ralph Lauren Home aspirational.
    Like someone imitating Tommy Hilfiger imitating RL Home.

  • don’t mind the look of the Con Ed plant but does anyone know what the risks are in terms of living so close? EMF’s etc?

  • don’t mind the look of the power plant but does anyone know if there are risks involved living so close.