House of the Day: 557 7th Street

557 7th Street was a House of the Day back in 2009 when it was asking $2,200,000. The sellers never got their price but that hasn’t stopped them from returning to the market this week with a new asking price of $2,400,000. The single-family house has been extensively renovated since it traded for $1,460,000 back in 2006 (an admittedly great deal at the time). It’ll be interesting to see what it fetches this go-round.
557 7th Street [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Oh my, the over the top decor! Not my style at all..

  • Decor is nauseating, but the seller removes all of that stuff, and the apartment is really nice. Great layout and decent price, if there’s a doorman. Only hesitation is that it is the second floor.

  • I call it tasteless yuppies, or is that too 1990s of a phrase?

  • you guys are mean
    I actually like some of the decor
    I agree the layout is SWEET

  • Why do so many new renovations end up looking like bland hotel or retail store interiors? This is like living in the Short Hills Mall.

  • quote:
    I call it tasteless yuppies, or is that too 1990s of a phrase?

    yeah. the decor is called MoMo (modern moonface)


  • I’m prepared to concede that the floorplan is great. But the kitchen floor makes my teeth hurt.

  • OK! so obviously you all HATE the decor – than what SHOULD it be decorated like?

    Flowered couches wrapped in plastic? Cause you all sound like old fogies (yes even you Rob :))

  • I think it’s nice, apart from the kitchen.
    Would guess $2.0 to $2.2.

  • Decor isnt all that bad. Really some of you should post photos of your amazingly perfect apartments so we can judge.

    Rob, are you like 20% retarded?

  • Dang, this is just a tad bit more than we can afford. Nevertheless, what is a “five piece bathroom” referred to by the listing agent? Tub, sink, shower, toilet (+ bidet)? Corny.

    The hunt continues…

  • I could live with this reno generally, but agree that the kitchen floor is a problem. It would have to go (but could probably be fairly easily covered over – I like something with more give than tile underfoot in the kitchen anyway.) Otherwise, nice house.

    And, while not a problem for me, the canopy over baby’s crib is a danger to the baby.

  • Somebody loves to design! This place is done up like a makeover show, which I suspect is a good thing (for the sellers.)
    It’s a bit pricy, but there are so few houses in a modern style, and all they need is one buyer. It reminds me of the HOTD in the south Slope a few months ago; I thought the price was crazy, but it went and pretty fast/close to ask.

  • Why did they close the fireplace in the bedroom? But I do like the bathroom…

  • Love the staircase. Something about super dark wood up against white just gets me going. Wonder why the price increase.

  • Truly awful design; it’s as if the homeowner showed an interior designer a dozen photos of Suze Orman’s attire and said, “I want my home to look like this.”

  • I agree with others…it’s nice, except for the kitchen

  • No one has complained yet that it’s only 16′ wide.

  • I must watch too much HGTV because it doesn’t look horrible to me at all. And I’m an antique-y sort of gal. Hell, I’ll go as far to say- I LIKE the kitchen floor. It really doesn’t offend me.

  • It’s nice, but only 16′ wide.

  • I *LOVE* that kitchen floor. I am actually saving this picture for my dream home. I’ve never seen HGTV so I don’t know what this says about me.

  • who the hell puts a couch in their kitchen? that’s gross.

  • I just saw this house on the Corcoran website too, planning on stopping by the open house on Sunday from 12-2pm.

  • Great bath. Remove the furnishings and this is a nice pad. Kitchen floor doesn’t bother me, sofa there is odd.

  • Okay, I guess I’m all sorts of out of touch with this one.. but I gotta say, I also don’t mind the sofa in the kitchen. I have a huge kitchen and I always want people in there with me while I’m cooking or preparing things- a couch makes perfect sense… makes the person chatting to me comfortable (I don’t have a full couch in there, just a big fluffy antique chair).

  • Hooky – don’t worry – I like the couch in the kitchen too esp if there is enough room to support a couch – I wouldn’t have chosen the couch in the pic – but I like the idea

  • Never mind the 16ft wide. I’m surprised at the fact that the curtains are knotted hasn’t come up yet.

  • Narrow, low ceilings even on the parlor? the open shower is great – in a more moderate climate (i like a steamy shower). Tub looks uncomfortable.

  • I’ve never understood the allure of an open shower. Everything around gets wet because water splashes all over the place. I guess it’s great if you enjoy group sex followed by group showering, but… To me, that bathroom looks like some sort of autopsy or funeral prep room. Yech!

    Also have to agree (or is that disagree) about couches in a kitchen. If someone actually uses his kitchen to cook, a white couch is not going to stay clean for very long. In this particular kitchen, if the idea is to have company with you while you’re cooking, then your back is going to be facing your company most of the time. Perhaps because I like to cook, I would have expected more actual cooking/food prep area in a house of this size. Gotta say, though, that tile floor would have to go!

    I guess, though, these changes would not be all that expensive to effectuate.

  • rather have a small renovated house to myself than a bigger less renovated one with tenants. i like it. decor is fine, but who cares cause it’ll go anyway.

  • This is modern? I think I broke a tooth just looking at it. Could this possibly have been the setting for Barbie re-launch party?

  • haha! Mopar, exactly. My first thought was that my toddler would love it. She’s really into glitter, polyester and shiny crap. But hey! Some toddlers never grow up, and they need houses too. Somewhere, there’s a girl looking for her princess castle.

  • I like the location, I like the house itself, I bet this goes for about 2.1-2.2, Just a hair outside of my comfort zone.

    Did everyone see that the place adjacent to prime 6 went on sale today?

  • Great place in many respects but wary of description in mint fully reno condition. Attended Open house and saw some big cracks in the walls, crown molding, and back yard, water damage and peeling paint. Someone will fall in love with this place as it is charming bu t do your homework re: soundness of the structure and cost of repairs. Not as mint as described!

  • Also attended the OH; also was very negatively surprised with the state of the home. It had step-up plumbing [never seen that in Park Slope!], crumbling plaster, and purely costmetic updates (paint, wallpaper) trying to disguise a very worn and dated home with very cheap finishes. Less than 17ft wide; no A/C, no original or even real wood flooring (looked like a white-washed composite materal) and, the iceing on the cake for me was the ‘master’ bathroom, where the doorless shower, tub and toilet/sink are centered against the large front of house window facing the street [hello neighbors!!]. Should go for $1.75-1.85m.