364 Henry Still Rotting?

Last May, when Cobble Hill’s 364 Henry was most recently in the news, owner John Quadrozzi pledged to make structural repairs to his long-dilapidated townhouse, but DOB violations show that the score hasn’t exactly been settled. A hearing scheduled is scheduled for late next month over “FAILURE TO MAINTAIN-EMERGENCY MAKE SAFE STABILIZATION WORK.” Do readers who live nearby ever see contractors fixing this place up?
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  • Saw about two weeks worth of action about 2-3 months ago. Nothing since.

  • Ach, these deadbeat, negligent owners are the worst! This kind of situation creates an actual physical danger for passers by; devalue neighbors’ properties; encourage littering and vandalism; and are generally a big bummer for the whole community. The city should be empowered to seize this building and auction it off to the highest bidder. At some point, your right to be a private property owner has to balanced against your willingness to take responsibility for maintaining that property.

  • And I guess it goes without saying that what we’re seeing here is often “demolition by neglect” to circumvent Landmarks and other city agencies.

  • Technically, there’s nothing left to rot. All exterior walls have been replaced with cinderblock and much of the interior is gutted. There’s been no apparent action at this site since even before the last “364 Henry To Get Fixed” post.

  • I second CHMomma. I believe work has been done fairly recently, since I only noticed in the last week or so that the entire front facade has also been replaced by new cinderblock.

  • this the Quadrozzi of Quadrozzi Cement?

  • I walk by this place almost every day, and I can assure there has been no significant, concerted work going on here in recent months. The house is a disgrace and has been in a serious state of collapse/disrepair for at least 3-4 years now. Enough already!

  • I live on the same block. Over the last year, there have been spurts of activity–a month here, a few weeks there. They’ve demolished the inside of the building, and it appears they were trying to do some work on the carriage house. But no one has been at the site consistently working at least since October or November. Owner is around quite a bit though–he lives a few doors down. At this rate, the Amity Street Horror down the block will probably be rebuilt before this place.