House of the Day: 69 Willow Street

This new listing at 69 Willow Street (which Curbed highlighted over the weekend) will separate the men from the boys. The five-story townhouse has 5,800 square feet of space, including doctor’s office on the ground floor and extra-deep living quarters on the two floors above that. The property appears to be in very good shape (though we wish there were a few more photos!) and not lacking in the architectural detail department. But paupers need not apply: The asking price on the baby is $5,750,000, which comes out to almost exactly $1,000 per foot.
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  • What about the recessed lighting? $1M deduction from ask.

  • Oh, snap. Scooped by Curbed again. Three times this week (200 Smith, Love Lane Mews, this)? Likely I missed a few more.

  • ugh. depressing photos. maybe they should have taken the bloodstains out of the carpet first.

  • wow this really does show the effect of recessed lighting on the appearance of the interiors. subtle things really take away from the historic feel–it looks like a museum or office space, but that could just be the photos.

    I love Willow st.

  • has the look of a Witness building, but not like them to use a realtor.

  • good timing, just in time for the Wall Street bonus season. And they will be the biggest bonuses ever I understand!

    Speak among yourselves about the concept of fair play, tax-payer financed bailouts, and the pros and cons of capitalism versus communism.

  • $1 million per photo!

    Are there two of those settees? Or did they drag it around for those photos… Call me crazy, but if the real estate shows on TV suggest renting furniture to “stage” a $175,000 house in the suburbs of Omaha, I wondering if that may also be appropriate for a SIX MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE!!!

    I know that’s a lot to ask, since James and Leslie will have to split the $170,000 commission check.

    Also, have you noticed that almost everyone that works for Corcoran has the title “Senior Vice President.” And curiously James and Leslie apparently Senior Vice President enough to be listed on the “About Us” page. It’s as if there’s nothing authentic or genuine about real estate….

  • It should be a rule of thumb for agents to provide one picture per $200,000.
    28 photos, please and include some of kitchen and bathrooms.

    I suspect the bathrooms and kitchen in this house are as dated as the fluorescent tube lighting in the top floor room and as worn out as the carpeting on the stairs.

    “Convert the ground floor to a separate apartment for income, or use it yourself for guest rooms, media room (our floor plan artist’s idea!) or home office.”

    SO, the garden level layout isn’t as shown?! But a ‘floor plan artist’s’ vision?!!!

    Nice attempt Leslie and James at peddling a Fixer Upper.

  • Somehow I don’t think buyers of houses like this are much swayed by kitchen and bathroom photos.

  • I think you’re right Minard. Buyers at this level change out kitchens and baths the way most people change socks.

  • window-shopping property

  • “Buyers at this level”

    LMAO. I’m assuming you haven’t seen/heard what townhouses in Manhattan go for.
    This “level” is for riff raff.

    if it’s a well designed kitchen/bathroom, it won’t get changed out. Why not include photos of those spaces so potential buyers can access the house before making the effort to view it in person.

  • This is actually the least atttractive part of Willow Street — right across from that unattractive mid-rise.

    Still, it might hit over $5 million.

  • “the least attractive part of Willow Street?”
    “this is for riff-raff?”
    -You guys are on ecstasy.

  • Not a Witness house – owned by a prominent area psychiatrist (office on garden level) until transferred to an LLC in October. Tax class is one family with store or office (good luck with that garden apartment); no C of O. Also, no mortgage!

  • HEEEEY! I’ve been misquoted.

    But never the less, I don’t think this will get over $5 million.

  • Minard, is there a less attractive stretch on Willow? I am being serious — the view out the front from this house is dismal.

    Although I agree, this is hardly riff-raffish territory. Just not MOTU level.

  • was 281 Henry St House of the Day? Would like to see what people thought of that house.

  • I should have guessed. Shrinks. Witnesses. Same decor.

    (I kid! kinda..)

  • So… in the $5+ million territory you’re still concerned about “convert the ground floor to a separate apartment for income”?!??!?!?

    I didn’t notice that before. James and Leslie are not just lazy, they don’t understand the prospective clients! Awesome combination.

  • The view out the front is a JH apratment building and also the Truman Capote house, which is currently for sale for $18 million. The place next door sold not too long ago for just about $8 million, so the price of this place isnt too bad… Considering this is prime Heights…

  • it is funny how some of these posters, bored agents I’m sure, have very little familiarity with Brooklyn Heights.
    Get a clue, there is NO bad part of Willow Street.
    And no, these houses are not bought by riff-raff.
    You guys should stick to selling your decrepit former SRO’s and crackhouses in outer slobovia.
    Keep telling the youngsters too stupid to know that Bushwick or Bed-Stuy or God-knows-where is the “up and coming” community inhabited by warm and sensitive neighbors.

  • Not a $1000/foot house, not in this shape.