Bedbugs At The Pavilion?

pavilion-0710.jpgDoes the Pavilion, the thoroughly-unmodernized multiplex at 188 Prospect Park West have bedbugs? According to a report on The Bedbug Registry, it does. “A few days ago I was leaving the Theatre with my girlfriend at around 11:55 pm when I saw a bunch of men with large crates and hoses in the lobby, I asked what was going on and he said that Bed Bugs had been found in all of the older theatres with the Purple seats,” goes a posting on the site from Saturday. “Then I was at the Windsor Cafe Yesterday when I overheard some people saying that even more Bed Begs were found on the first floor of the building.” Yikes!
Photo by Stijn Nieuwendijk

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  • Not the first time this rumor has swirled about re the Pavilion. Same story was told a year or so ago.

  • rob cant resist this thread – no matter how hard he tries

  • this is seriously old news. this place has said to have BB’s for years.

  • it’s most definitely NOT a rumor. this is why i dont go to old ghetto ass movie theatres or places with cloth seats. if you do go to the movies, any theatre, dont bring a bag and set it on the floor (im guilty of this tho), keep it on your lap. and when you exit the theatre thoroughly shake your entire body. also wear tight fitting shoes. the city seriously doesnt give a crap that there’s a huge bedbug epidemic so it’s up to us citizens to protect ourselves!


  • What happened to those infestation movies: Squirm, Birds, Arachnophobia, etc.? The bed bugs would make for a better cinematic experience if such movie types were in rotation.

    Pavilion used to be my favorite.

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • Why don’t they just unban DDT?

  • Hmm… Rob… you’re bedbug prevention tips above are almost as good as your notion that hand washing makes dishes cleaner (more sanitary) than a dishwasher.

  • By dirty_hipster on July 19, 2010 10:30 AM

    Why don’t they just unban DDT?

    That’s EXACTLY why this problem exists. So say all of the authorities on the problem.

  • DH — it’s not just the lack of DDT that is causing the resurgence of bedbugs. Even though they are tough little fuckers, their population was held down by old-style bug spraying and bug “bombs” that aren’t used anymore. Insecticides are now very targeted… roaches and ants are baited, not indiscriminate spraying.

    The poisons in roach and ant sprays aren’t ideal for bedbugs, but they still had a HUGE impact. Now we aren’t do that sort of poisoning anymore, they’re back!!

    (And it takes a little more than a quick shake of your clothes and “tight fitting shoes” to prevent them from hitching a ride…. why can’t the bugs just be ON your shoes? Why do they have to climb inside?)

  • um tybur, people bring bedbugs into their home because a bedbug has crawled into the folds of their clothes… will eventually bite them, but bedbugs are very slow and plan their meals with the utmost of care. so you might not even get bitten on your way from the theatre to your apartment, but when you put your clothes in your laundry basket, guess where that bedbug is? now the little critter is like damnit and has to make another long slow journey to feast on your blood.. it may take a few months but that’s okay because they can live up to a year without eating. but they will eventually migrate to where you are, they will find you and they will bite you, and they will breed like Candy the stripper in a trailer park.

    you can avoid all of that if you shake out your clothes after youve been to a known infested area. why is that hard to comprehend?


  • another tip, if you are out and about with someone coming from a known bedbug hotspot, check each other for bedbugs. it’s easier to have someone else check than do it yourself.


  • it’s funny i was walking down the street the other day and i noticed this chick had bedbug bites all over her legs. i kinda wanted to say something, but i was like eh, probably best not to even go near her.


  • actually maybe they were flea bites.. bedbugs mostly bite your midsection dont they?
    anyway this thread is making me itch

  • Rob, have you dealt with bedbugs before? Actually seen them?

  • yeah – this thread is making me itchy. lata

  • No, they bite wherever they’d like to bit you… but they like to feed in a pattern. “Breakfast, lunch, dinner.” They bite and feed, stop, move a little, bite and feed. So, you get a triple bite pattern.

    Also, if you’re not allergic (or react) to their nibble, the bit could be almost imperceptible. Others swell up and get all red around the bite.

  • quote:
    Rob, have you dealt with bedbugs before? Actually seen them?

    yeah. when i lived on the LES i had a friend who lived in the east village who’s apartment was INFESTED with them, but he didnt know. and i used to hang out there a lot. i slept over in the living room one night and YEP i was bitten. some people are allergic to their bites, meaning they itch and you will scratch the bites and they get worse.. some people are not allergic at all and get bitten and not even know it or think about it, sometimes just thinking they are mosquito bites or spider bites..

    he thought he could get rid of them by fogging the place and bleaching the walls. he took down some wooden bed bunker type thing and behind the wood were a whole bunch of them. i started smashing them and BLOOD SQUIRTED ALL over the walls.

    i totally freaked and never went back there again. i lucked out and didnt carry any over to my apartment at the time. so yeah i have first hand knowledge of just how gross they are.

    this person also used to bring fabrics and old clothes to work on from all over the country, so it’s pretty obvious that’s probably where it came from. im convinced tho almost all those old gross tenements on the lower east side and east village are infested.


  • “if you are out and about with someone coming from a known bedbug hotspot, check each other for bedbugs”

    This works especially well on first dates. Helps break the ice.

  • I heard on the recent Channel 4 series on bedbugs that about 35% of the population will not actually experience bed bug bites even if there’s an infestation. And yes, they bite in a pattern, like fleas.

  • DIBS —

    I had a few bedbugs… using the word “infestation” is not appropriate. They were (strangely) just in my couch. I was never bitten and they never didn’t make it past my couch before certain death was brought down upon them and their souls were sent to insect hell. Very lazy bugs.

    (And I lucked out.)

  • i totally read couch as crotch


  • And now Victoria’s Secret has them in addition to Abercromie. They’re everywhere. Wonder if the mayor can coordinate some kind of response.

  • “Wonder if the mayor can coordinate some kind of response. ”

    Hah – Bloomberg? He’ll probably use this as an opportunity to raise more money and put a bed bug tax on everything.

  • This board has its own infestation. Hope they fumigate soon.

  • This isn’t just “old news”. The reports before were vague suspicions small bites were from termites; this is somebody actually talking to exterminators who are treating the theater and getting details. People would be much more likely to take this report seriously than the past ones. I for one am really grateful Brownstoner posted it.

  • Have to comment, having survived a BB infestation a couple of years ago:

    Bedbugs don’t always bite in a pattern. When they do that, it’s because their feeding was disturbed somehow (like you moved your leg or something).

    And, shaking out your clothes won’t necessarily get rid of them. If you *really* want to avoid bringing BB’s home, the best prevention is to immediately put the clothes you were wearing either in the dryer on high heat for 60 minutes (it’s the dryer that will kill them, NOT the wash), or put them in a sealed ziploc bag (the large kind) until you can put them in the dryer! Shoes and bags can be inspected closely and sprayed with either alcohol or “Klean-Free”, although this will only kill live bugs, not eggs.

    I don’t wish BB’s on anyone. It’s such a nightmare, literally!
    While you can see adult BB’s, the nymphs are so small and transparent that you cannot easily see them with the naked eye.

  • Who goes to the movies anyway?

  • exactly ENY. The cost of one bedbug extermination will pay for a helluva home theater!

  • What no one has mentioned is that the Pavilion is a pitifully mismanaged dump with or without bedbugs! Filthy seats, grotty bathrooms, and the dreaded suffocating “attic” theatre…not to mention the sad failure to make a go of their mezzanine cafe, which was atrocious and now appears to be mercifully closed. We had such hopes for the place when it reopened…

  • Pavilion manager responds on City Room. We report, you decide:

  • Sadly, I have to agree with Brenda.

    Plus, Center/North PS needs its own theater. Pavilion is practically in Windsor Terrace.

    I’ve been going all the way to Cobble Hill for a decent experience.

  • Look at the history of neighborhood theaters going way back. Is there any other reason why many of them were called “The Itch”????