Bar Vets Opening New Spot on Fulton

For years, Clinton Hillers have been wondering when their stretch of Fulton Street would start attracting the types of retail businesses that have marked Fort Greene’s transition over the past decade; in the past year, in fact, the Pratt Area Community Council has even taking to leading group tours of empty storefronts to try to attract tenants. Well, maybe the time has come. Before the end of the summer, a new bar is scheduled to open at 925 Fulton Street, between Waverly and Clinton Avenues; it’ll be called Hanson Dry after the dry cleaners that occupied the space once upon a time. It’s going to be a relatively straightforward affair, with eight or so beers, mostly local, on tap and some outdoor space to boot. What makes the news particularly interesting is that while owner is a first-timer, his partners in the project include the folks behind Franklin Park, Southpaw, Cornelius and Soda Bar. That’s some solid validation. Let’s hope it spurs other entrepreneurs to invest in the area. We could really use a place to buy good meat, fish and cheese near the C train!

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  • Hopefully, When the Food Coop comes in we will be able to get that good meat, fish and Veg.

  • Good. Agree with Mr. B’s assessment of the retail needs of this area.

  • Donatella, meet you here when it opens

  • quote:
    it’ll be called Hanson Dry after the dry cleaners that occupied the space once upon a time

    so obnoxious. and what’s so “upscale” about a generic yuppie bar? seriously.


  • By Butterfly on June 16, 2010 10:12 AM

    it’ll be called Hanson Dry after the dry cleaners that occupied the space once upon a time

    so obnoxious. and what’s so “upscale” about a generic yuppie bar? seriously.


    Did a search of the OP and all the comments so far, and I can only find ONE instance of the use of “upscale” or its equivalent. Yours.

    What is your problem? Or do you just take a dump on every thread and never contribute anything of substance?

  • Choice Greene isn’t very far from the C train.
    And Provisions is practically on top of the C train at the Lafayette stop.

  • Bah, what about coffee?

  • Heather, I hear starbucks will be coming soon

  • Heather–where do you live approx? I ask because you are always beating the coffee drum. Outpost kind of has a stranglehold on Fulton St coffee at this point. I gather you live closer to Clinton Ave than to the eastern edge of the hood where Outpost is. Since I live very close to outpost and their coffee is so damn good I am always surprised when people say they want more coffee on Fulton but I suppose if I lived up by Clinton I would feel differently.

    In re this bar that is a pretty credible list of other places that those proprietors have opened so I am very excited. Just to have a casual spot where I can stop in and socialize over a drink in my own hood will be a real treat.

    MR B–seems there has been a good bit of action on the exterior of the new joint on the Grand/Putnam/Fulton triangle. Do you have any news on when that spot will be opening? Between these places and the possibility of the Food Coop coming I am all of a sudden very excited about the retail prospects in my neck of the woods.

  • Amazing to think this was the place with the cinderblock exterior and the Stevie Wonder quote graffiti just a year ago.

    Snuck a peak at Fulton Grand Bar today, as they’ve painted the outside. Looks excellent. Cozy and cool with lots of wood. Fulton’s time is now!

  • I’ve lived near this location for about 15 years. I think it’s great that the positive evolution of this stretch of Fulton continues. Along that same stretch, Levels barbershop, ‘Cure Beauty Bar, and Grady’s Collective have raised the bar aesthetically and offer high quality goods and services. Au Tour du Monde, across the street from these shops, offers good food but seems to have some difficulty attracting crowds and buzz. I hope the new bar will be great. I would love a good neighborhood bar in eastern Clinton Hill.

  • Wasder, if this keeps up, I’ll soon have to permanently shelve or rezone my “fringe” comments (ie maybe just pick on where blowfish is)

  • I thought having vibrant retail strips in a neighborhood wasn’t important, as long as the side streets are asthetically pleasing. Wha??

  • DH, it’s not that asthetically pleasing over there

  • But you know m4l, where blowfish is has a groovy and highly surprising little restaurant corner developing. The corner of Greene and Classon now has three places that I frequent with some regularity–Pilar (Cuban–very tasty), Nero Doro (excellent italian cafe) and tigerlily (Vientamese sandwiches). Speaking of unlikely retail strips that one very pleasantly defies the odds.

  • Lothar–the Fulton Grand place certainly looks from the outside likes its gearing up to open. Yes, perhaps Fulton Street’s time to shine has come. Fingers crossed and good thoughts sent out into the ether!

  • Don’t you guys all have cars anyway?? Just hop in the Subaru to get artisinal cheese and grass fed beef shank.

  • DH–how did you know I had a Subaru? Haha.

  • Haha – you serious wasder? ūüėČ

  • Yeah, I am serious. But its a 98 so maybe that doesn’t count. ITs a total beater.

  • Wasder, I’m on Vanderbilt, that’s why I whine about coffee. Outpost and Provisions (and Tille’s) are just far enough to be annoying. I frequent them all, but I really wish there was somewhere besides Yaffa Deli for my bleary-eyed 7AM fix. I mean, other than that, I love my location… but…

    I’m really surprised no one has yet covered this, but have you guys seen the sign up by Outpost? In the cast iron boarded up building next door to it? It is a sort of art project and — well, while I am whining for more coffee, I also can’t help but thinking it’s a fairly accurate representation of the neighborhood’s issues.

  • Heather–Totally hear you about the walking distance from you to decent coffee. Were I to be that far from espresso I would be grumpy too.

    I am pretty sure that sign by outpost has been covered here. It is part of an art exhibition that was held at Mocada a few months back, dealing with gentrification. The title was something like “The Pink Elephant Speaks: Gentrification and displacement”. Certainly it was much discussed on various sites if not this one. That sign is pretty funny actually.

  • I guess I missed it. And yeah, that sign is pretty bitingly funny — in part perhaps because the new co-op IS likely to have things like locally-grown pineapple for $15.97.

    (In addition, I am sure, to many reasonably-priced options for everyone.)

  • I am very excited about this place, the food coop which has been in the works, the new Japanese place opening on Fulton near Waverly. Coffee would be nice. (Would love to see some trees on the street too) DH, I don’t have a Subaru, but have a car and have depended on it where I am, but I really would prefer to shop locally (and by that I mean a short distance from my house). I am live very close to this place.

    M4L, absolutely, neighbor. Let’s meet there when it opens.

  • By more4less on June 16, 2010 11:04 AM

    DH, it’s not that asthetically pleasing over there

    Very delicately put, M4L.

  • Fulton street’s not aesthetically pleasing, but the adjacent residential streets are…

  • “By more4less on June 16, 2010 11:04 AM

    DH, it’s not that asthetically pleasing over there

    Very delicately put, M4L.”

    Err – i was talking about the side streets, not fulton st.

  • DH, those blocks from Fulton to Gates along that stretch are NOT that asthetically pleasing.

  • BoHi, linguistic world traveler (10:25 AM). Why so mean? Rob is one of my favorite commenters. I like his social commentary and quick-witted comedy.