House of the Day: 2106 Albemarle Terrace

We’re loving this new listing at 2106 Albemarle Terrace. At $975,000, it’s priced quite a bit higher than Kenmore-Albemarle Terrace nieghbor that was House of the Day last winter. But, man, it sure is purdy: The original details are in great shape and the new kitchen is modern but totally in keeping with the vibe of the house. Waddya think: Is the market in this neck of the woods strong enough to pull off this asking price?
2160 Albemarle Terrace [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP P*Shark

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  • I saw one of these on the Flatbush house tour last year. Cute. Accessible path behind the houses.

  • Very 1920s colonial revival. Some of the living rooms have fireplace inglenooks.

  • Where’s the floorplan?

  • Do I have to say it? The house is awesome, yes. (But only if it was somewhere else.) It’s trapped in this very undesirable area. And I mean this is in a VERY specific way… Let’s pretend the immediate area isn’t enormous, badly maintained apartment buildings with plenty of drugs and gang activity. What about amenities?!

    This is for a family in the market for a MILLION DOLLAR house. Are they shopping at Bombastic Fashion and eating supper at Golden Crust?! Cuz that’s all that’s around there on Flatbush Avenue.

    This is ridiculous.

  • what’s with the ceiling in this shot from the website?

  • lalaland — a million dollars doesn’t buy you a painted ceiling. Sorry.

  • I think I saw a similar house on the same block listed in 2008 or about $800,000. Seem to remember that it took a long time to move, too. Anyone else recall that listing? Might have been Brooklyn Properties.

  • It is nice, but the kitchen is a little awkward in it’s layout. The dishwasher is around the corner from the sink for one.

  • My very limited impression of the neighborhood (I’ve been there only once) is similar to tybur6’s. The block is lovely, but the block seems to be an island surrounded by mediocre (at best) ammenites.

    Maybe if you’re a car person, then you can live on your island and, when you need to leave, retreat into the cocoon of your car. But, if that’s the way you want to live, then why not live in the green pastures of upstate?

  • The street is surprisingly quiet–it’s next door to equally leafy and charming Kenmore Terrace and right by the old Dutch Reformed Church grounds, all of which are Landmarked. There is good grocery shopping at the produce, meat, and fish shops on Church Ave and a giant Stop & Shop a couple blocks away. Good take-out in the immediate area if you like jerk chicken and rotis plus the run-of-the-mill pizza and deli sandwiches, but you have to walk a few blocks for fancier places. Courtelyou is a 15 minute walk, where you’ll find an organic food coop, farmers market, and lots of cute shops and wonderful restaurants. The B/Q is three blocks away and you’re 2 stops from Park Slope via the 7th Ave stop. Close to Prospect Park.

  • Beautiful house, in a great little enclave. Someone will be as happy as can be to have it.

    It’s just me, and I don’t fault anyone who feels differently, but I’d rather have a house like this, or any fabulous house, in an “eh” location, than an “eh” house in a fabulous location. You can always go elsewhere for amentities, and if you live there long enough, they will come. I spend more time in my home than shopping, or in restaurants. Sure, it’s convenient to have the best of both, but it costs, too. Give me the house anyday.

  • props to BHS to defend listing. woot woot.

  • I’m not a broker, nor THE broker for this listing, just dumb choice in screen name. Re-reading Bricks and Brownstones recently, I was sad that “Minard Lafever” is taken, ha ha!

  • kimcheater, you have a good memory. There was a house on this block listed at c. $800k (listing was with Brown Harris Stevens – broker was the owner), and it did take a long time to move. Was intrigued so walked over to see the area/street/house. In both the old listing and this listing, have to say the houses are lovely as is the street, but it is a dead-end street that is surrounded by an area that has already been accurately touched on by tybur and others. Maybe at $700-800k this moves, but at a million bucks, I would choose another neighborhood.

  • Like I said… I’m not saying it’s not a generally serviceable neighborhood. I’m saying the family buying this is in the market for a MILLION DOLLAR house.

    There is a huge mismatch here. Given what surrounds it (i.e., the craptastic apartment blocks), this price tag is already at the top end of the gentrification scale.

  • I think this is great. Besides being a gorgeous house, you’re close to the park, the subway, and an honest-to-goodness supermarket. If I really feel the need to go shawpin’, I’ll stroll over to Sears.

  • FWIW there are some identical houses (same architect and builder) at the NW end of Midwood Street (Midwood I, bet. Flatbush & Bedford) in Lefferts Manor/PLG.

  • This house is gorgeous, but like the entire landmarked enclave in inhabits, it is isolated and remote from any of the amenities (also public schools) that a family in this price range would prefer. This is not a “not fancy but OK” neighborhood. A lot of drugs and gunshots separates these homes from the eateries on Cortelyou.

  • My favorite walking route to Cortelyou from Albemarle Terrace is via the neighborhood of Prospect Park South. I love looking at those houses and their gardens. Albemarle Road doesn’t go through because of the subway tracks so it’s easier to walk along Church to E. 16th. It’s a nice walk.

  • I think some of the descriptions of the area are a little rough. I was walking by recently and the area seems pretty much on par with PLG a few blocks to the north, if a tad behind on the gentrication meter. I do agree that the price is patently absurd for this location.

    The house is cute as can be. But I agree that the kitchen is odd. Is that an oversized island taking up the entire floorspace, or is it a huge counter??

  • The home prices in Brooklyn tend to be years ahead of the actual gentrification of the neighborhoods. This is a case in point.

  • Minard — that’s the thing. This location has a clear limit to gentrification. And it’s there. Unless they knock down the huge apartment blocks, this house is maxed out with gentrification. This isn’t like 4th Ave in the Gowanus… those places are being priced for 4 or 5 years from now. The immediate area surrounding this little enclave will be the SAME in 5 or 10 or 15 years.

  • I believe a charter school is coming, and some hipster locavore vermont style eatery/grocery store, but this neighborhood isn’t going to turn in 5 years and maybe not 10. Accordingly, this house is overpriced by 20%.

  • “This location has a clear limit to gentrification.”

    The limit being after the neighboring house on the corner lot.

  • Tybur6 is spot on. Gorgeous little enclave in a very dodgy area–one that used to be the historic heart and soul of the Dutch village of Flatbush(Church Ave. and Flatbush Ave). I can live without much decent shopping (and by decent I mean decent, not Union Market foofie), but the walk home from the subway at night (or to the Elysian Dining Fields of Cortelyou Rd, for that matter) would concern me. And for a million?…

  • i never heard of albermarle terrace until now, but when i see you have to get to it off east 21st street, i literally lol’ed….almost spilled my beer too. $975K to live off of east 21st street? thats arguably the worst street in flatbush…when’s the last time any of you guys who had a positive review on this house walked on east 21st street at 10 PM on a saturday night?

  • Re: the area – Oh man, this is dePRESSING! I saw the picture of this house and literally gasped, it’s so what I’m looking for (fireplaces! painted window shutters! a backyard! French doors!). And I can afford it, without putting myself (that much, anyway) into hock. And now it turns out that it’s in a place that’s apparently scary. Drats!!

  • ugh, pass. In 2007 I looked at a house near here, slightly better location, but needed some updating, for $550,000. I passed then and don’t regret it. THat nabe blows.

  • I know this is way after the fact but I thought it might be useful to hear from someone who actually lives on this block. I moved here from Fort Greene 14 years ago when there were no amenities there (I would have killed for a grocery store that didn’t smell like cat pee). I couldn’t afford to live in FG even with the cat pee and being mugged on my block, so after dreaming for years about Albemarle Terrace (we fell in love after we saw it), we bought. The houses are unbelievably cute and my neighbors are awesome. The park is close and the B/Q is speedy. It really is an amazing place that you should visit if you dig New York. If you ask someone will probably let you see their house.

    About the neighborhood: If you want fancy, this isn’t for you. I personally have never felt unsafe and I walk from the subway at all hours. I feel unsafe when there are no people around, and it’s a busy shopping district. Agreed that some buildings are better maintained than others, but I have seen A Lot Of Change since I have moved here. Meaning the tattoo types are moving into the big deco apartments.

    To be honest, something about these comments rubs me the wrong way. The community is mostly working class immigrants from the Caribbean and Mexico, and African Americans. There are lots of amenities for those groups (hi, taco truck!). And some for me. And I’m a white lady from the burbs. I guess it’s how you define amenities.

    Finally, about price: A house sold on the block last year for 1.1 million. Go figure.

    Anyway, that’s my honest perspective. I’ve thought of selling but I think I would regret moving. It’s a really special place.