Friday Links

Bushwick’s Brooklyn Grange Starts Rooftop Farm in Queens [NY Times]
Brooklyn Cops Charged with Misuse of Authority [NY Times]
Richest Man in Russia Funds Nets, Barclays Center [NY Post]
New MTA Plan Would Shut Subway Lines on Weekdays [NY Daily News]
Coney Island’s Luna Park Preps for May 29 Opening [NY1]
Rachael Ray Promotes Healthy Eats at PS 29 [NY1]
Bed-Stuy Shooting Suspect Caught On Tape [NY1]
Gowanus Park Getting Neon Benches [Brooklyn Paper]
Heavy Metal Concert Promoter Looks to Coney Island [Brooklyn Paper]
Public Trash Cans Overflow on Commercial Strips [Brooklyn Paper]
Photo by Kara Zuaro

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  • daveinbedstuy

    benson, that’s what a nice house looks like. ;)

  • Morning, Dave! Are you in the office today, or are you still lolling about on your new sofa?

  • 1. I was just about to post the same thing about that house. I wish Mr. B would start captioning these pictures so we know not only who took them but WHERE.

    B. Yes, by all means, tear off the Band-aid, and finish the damn track work in one shot.

    Third, am I the only one who thinks the park benches in Gowanus are neon because of toxic chemicals from the canal?

  • daveinbedstuy

    No more lolling, CGar.

  • Love the garden, but is that wisteria on the stoop? Isn’t it likely to take over the house and destroy the railing?

  • daveinbedstuy

    Who thinks the “cable” will break 1.25????

  • wasder

    mopar–don’t get wisterical. I am sure if you keep it trimmed you can prevent it from taking over the house.

  • daveinbedstuy

    mopar, I have a wisteria in my yard and it’s starting to take over the stairs and side of the deck which looks fantastic.

    That wisteria looks great on the railing as long as you don’t have any old fuddy duddies like benson visiting that need the handrail. I wonder if it’s a DOB violation!!!! I bet if the insurance company came out to inspect they’d cancel the policy!!!

  • daveinbedstuy

    I see they have one of those ugly signs attached to their front gate that says something to the effect of “No flyers, no menus.”

    Doesn’t that look nice!!!!

  • daveinbedstuy

    This is the second time broenstoner has posted on the “Bed Stuy Shooting Suspect Caught on Tape” with no link to the actual tape. Kinda dumb.

  • wasder, lol — I think you’ve got the morning pun ready to launch in the OT. BTW, what’s your schedule look like for a dirty bird impromptu?

    dave, how many people leaving ads and menus do you suppose pay any attention to those signs?

  • CGar – I snapped this photo yesterday. I believe it was on St. Marks Ave near Flatbush.

  • “This is the second time broenstoner has posted on the “Bed Stuy Shooting Suspect Caught on Tape” with no link to the actual tape. Kinda dumb.”

    It’s called bait…

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end..

  • Thanks, Kara. Great photo!

  • quote:
    dave, how many people leaving ads and menus do you suppose pay any attention to those signs?

    i know youre asking dave, but ill answer for you. the answer is none as most of them probably dont even know how to read, and the ones that do know how to read won’t care that you dont want their menus. whenever i see those stupid little red signs i just throw a random item from my bag (newspaper, receipt, etc) onto their stoop out of protest anyway.


  • When I had a little BHA “no menu” sign up, no menus were left. After a few weeks, though, somebody cut it down. Now I get lots of menus. Need to get me a stash of those little signs….

    BTW, isn’t Rachael Ray encouraging healthy eating at PS 29 pretty much preaching to the choir? Very upscale school, and I bet those kids don’t usually eat chips and soda for lunch.

  • rf

    The no-menus-no-flyers signs work where I live in Bed Stuy.

  • The signs work in Crown Heights North, too. We (Crown Heights North Association) had some nice, tasteful ones printed on heavy plastic covered paper, and they’ve held up well, and are small enough to not look tacky. Lots of local civic organizations have done this.

    I think more people can read that you think, rob. Besides which, there are laws on the books prohibiting dumping circulars, menus, etc, to those who have clearly opted out, via signs. Fines are involved, too, so the companies/restaurants, who can obviously be traced, have a vested interest in teaching their distributors to pay attention to the signs.

  • people go to all the trouble to have a nice house, landmark districts to prevent ugly stuff, and look down on fedders…..then you walk down a block and they have those ugly no menu signs….Looks pretty tacky.
    Good exercise for you to bend down and pick up everyday.