364 Henry To Get Fixed

After getting tag-teamed by the Department of Buildings and the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the owner of 364 Henry Street will finally be forced to make repairs that address both the safety and aesthetics of the dilapidated townhouse. A lawsuit brought by the two groups led to an agreement in Brooklyn Supreme Court last Friday, reports the Daily News. Under the agreement, the house’s owner, concrete kingpin John Quadrozzi, has ten weeks to repair the cracked walls of the house, and another six months for more cosmetic repairs; if he misses his deadlines, he faces fines up $1,000 a day. “[Buildings Department] engineers found that the owner’s repeated failure to maintain these buildings created a hazard to the public and an eyesore for the neighborhood,” said Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri in a statement.
Henry Street Homeowner Finally Agrees to Fix-Up [NY Daily News]
LPC Targets Henry Street Homeowner [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • Finally!

    From the DN article, JQ is quoted: “They stonewalled us until the eleventh hour and didn’t afford us the right consideration to negotiate”.

    Is he kidding??!! I guess 10 years is not enough?

    They should make him fix his own house a couple of doors down while they’re at it. It’s not in much better condition.

  • BTW, the formerly beautiful, ruined house on Pacific Street between Bond & Hoyt is coming to auction on June 9. It is being forced into sale by the owners of the two neighboring houses, who won a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the neglectful owner. Everyone in the neighborhood hopes the house will be purchased by a responsible, interested owner with deep pockets, rather than by some bottom-feeding flipper. Cross your fingers.

  • So glad this is finally happening. (I would assume that the stated plans to renovate and move in are a bunch of baloney since he has tons of money and has had plenty of time.) I do have fond memories of that colony of cats that had the entire empty building to themselves for years!

  • Good, It needs to be fixed up.
    Now if we can only get that freaking moron to get her property on 7th ave fixed up..

    Wonder why the bldgs dept has overlooked that property for so many tears????