Closing Bell: Boardwalk Empire

If you’d been walking down Clinton Avenue between Gates and Greene on Friday afternoon, you would have been forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a time warp. The house of 401 Clinton Avenue had been taken over by a shoot for the Prohibition era HBO show Boardwalk Empire and there were three period cars parked on the street in front of the house. Neat.

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  • They’re doing this on Stuyvesant Ave too…between bainbridge & decatur. i think the neighbors are really getting fed up with losing their parking spaces so often.

  • it’s an antique mini-cooper!!
    looks like it runs on AA batteries.

  • The movie, as I understand it, takes place in Atlantic City but the filming occurs in New York City, not because of the period architecture but because that’s where the tax incentives are!

  • My dad called ’em “jolly hoppers”–the cars not the production crew. They really are cute. (That goes for the crew, too.)

  • Dave, The block associations are getting paid for the inconvenience. I sincerely hope the series gets picked picked up for a long-term HBO contract. It’s good for the block associations coffers as well as added security to the nabe when they’re here. Not to mention the good pr.