Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 Coming Together

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Last Thursday we were lucky enough to get a tour, along with 40 or so potential food vendors, of Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. As you can see from these photos, it’s pretty spectacular—and not that far from being finished. We’ll have a follow-up post tomorrow with a close look at the toddler playground. In the meantime, make sure you check out photos #8 and #9 of the grand steps that were built with granite recycled from the Roosevelt Island Bridge. When those summer sunsets roll around, this will be about the best seat in Brooklyn!

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  • What is the little house… Park office? Concession stand?

  • Hmm, maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not seeing spectacular from these photos. The granite steps are nice, but photo #4 looks like a parking lot, there’s way too much paved area. And photo #6 looks like a cut-rate golf course. The flood lights remind me of a prison yard. And everything that’s not paved is enclosed with Robert Moses style gas pipe railings…

  • i was lucky enough to be a part of this tour too, and i was impressed by the quality of materials and the level of detail. think come warmer months this will be a pretty swell place to be.

  • Is any of that green space for sitting, or are we just supposed to look and not touch

    It looks nice but seems like it is not meant to be used by people. If this is the case (I hope not), what’s the point?

  • SO excited for this park! Although a little disappointed that, at least from what I’ve read, sounds like the planned dog run won’t be part of this initial phase. Anyone know when the next phase of work is scheduled for completion?

  • Looks very welcoming to me. I assume the tarmac is for a bike path given all the racks.

  • newelyork – you are missing something. I’ve been on a tour recently and can tell you that the photos don’t do it justice. But soon enough it’ll be open and then you can see for yourself.

    The lawns will be open for people to sit on. The fencing you see around them has openings in it for access to the lawns.

    The little house is for both utilities and a small concession stand.

    I think I remember hearing that the dog run will open later this summer.

    The lights actually cast a very cool glow over the area – not intensely bright like a prison yard. They are already working you can check that out yourself tonight after sundown.

  • BrownstonerLogin, I’m surprised to hear that. I toured Pier 6 (at the foot of atlantic, with the kids playground. is that 6?) a while ago and the dog park was almost done then.

  • Ringo, that’s great to hear–I was actually thinking about the one at the end of Atlantic Ave., which you’re right, I think is 6…and therefore I guess *not* the one in the photo above? Guess I’m confused. But I thought I’d read in that free Brooklyn newspaper (can’t remember what it’s called) that the dog park at 6 wasn’t coming until later… Might have to stroll down there myself with the pooch this week to see!

  • “What is the little house… Park office? Concession stand?”

    It’s a shithouse!!!

  • I’ve sat on those granite steps during one of the Dev. Corp’s tours… really a very special place. On a lovely rise.

    Everyone is bitching about structures in and around the park. Another reason why entry spaces like that shown are modest and small. It is about open space stupid.

  • B-stoner – that’s the Roosevelt ISLAND Bridge not Roosevelt Avenue.

    Yes – the dog run is on Pier 6 (Atlantic Ave). These are pics of Pier 1 (Old Fulton St).

    Don’t believe anything you read in the Brooklyn Paper about this park. They are full of misinformation. The Brooklyn Eagle (also free) is much better.

  • It looks great! I can’t wait until it opens.

  • If you’re interested in a series of videos from a presentation by Park designer Michael Van Valkenburgh, go to the Brooklyn Heights Association website to view: