Choice Dumbo Set to Open This Week

Choice Market, which transformed the culinary landscape in Eastern Clinton Hill when it opened at the corner of Lafayette and Grand Avenues in 2006, is about to unveil its latest venture, an ambitious eatery in the bottom of the J Condo in Dumbo. Designed by architect Evan Douglis, the new place has much larger cooking and sitting areas and is designed as a community gathering place. If you live or work in the neighborhood, you’ve probably peaked through the windows already; for everyone else, we’ve got a photo of the interior on the jump. We don’t think we’re going out on a limb to say that the mix of paninis, salads, prepared entrees and pastries will be a much-needed jolt to the Dumbo dining scene. The latest word we’ve heard is that the new location should soft-open with daytime service next week. Personally, we can’t wait.


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  • Way to go Terry. Looks fabulous. I wish Choice all the best.

  • These guys have done very well.

  • You’ve piqued my interest. I will go take a peek.

  • Very cool ceiling and fixtures. Will have to check it out sometime.

    I also admire Choice. They have really done well by locating themselves where needed, and investing in their neighborhood. I have more occasion to walk by their bakery on Atlantic, than their shop in Clinton Hill, and the smell of baking goodies is just wonderful. Selling at the Flea is also a really smart idea. If DUMBO is underserved, this also is a smart investment. Since their prices are a bit on the high side, they should fit right in here. That’s not a diss, it’s just my wallet talking. Bon chance.

  • i moved away from clinton hill shortly after the original location opened (i always wished it had been open the entire time i was living there). looking forward to the dumbo opening, it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • LOVING that ceiling! Looks great.

  • As someone who lives in Clinton Hill and works in DUMBO, I’m cautiously optimistic about this place. I’ve actually stopped going to the Choice on Laf and Grand. The food is great, of course, and I can swallow the high prices once in a while. But it’s the elbow to elbow 30minute wait to get a cup of joe and a muffin that puts me over the edge (granted that’s on Sat and Sun mornings). The new space in DUMBO is much better suited to deal with high traffic, but it’s also on a corner that sees a LOT more traffic than CH. Hopefully that traffic will be tolerable so that I can indulge in a veggie burger from time to time.

  • Please just learn to write English!