Streetlevel: New Nails Spot for The Heights

According to this sign in the window at 210 State Street, there’s a new nail salon coming to the ground floor of the big rental building at 125 Court Street. We hear that it’s supposed to open as soon as November. GMAP

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  • Oooh, how exciting. Just what the neighborhood really needs, another nail spa. There’s also a sign for one opening in an empty space on Smith–near Pacific or Dean, I think?

  • YES! That’s awesome! I can’t wait. Imagine if you had to walk 2 blks.

  • yes, on corner of Pacific and Smith…but opening date says not till next year. Must be a big job to redo interior !
    Nail salon, cellphone stores and drug stores every 2 blocks.
    Every block gets 2 bars.

  • That block is not really the Heights but Boerum Hill or DT. Heights ends on the other side of Court Street (Boerum Hill goes to south side of Schermerhorn and up to Court (by standards of Boreum Hill Assn.)

  • snobbery! perhaps fine brooklyn ladies dont wanna be walking around with dried out busted nubs for fingertips!?


  • Excuse my ignorence but aren’t nails composed of dead cells? A SPA is suppose to massage certain areas and bring them back to life. Now I don’t know you but when was the last time you heard someone getting their nails massaged? I think they are probably massage something else in there! There goes the neighborhood.

  • With rents so high it is hard to get anything interesting.

  • “yes, on corner of Pacific and Smith…but opening date says not till next year.”

    As for that one… wtf are they thinking? My girlfriend said that the place about a block further down Smith (it’s some big nail chain) is the best around. Not that she’s an expert, but she’s been at this for a while. Apparently, cleanliness is often a problem in these joints, and the current one is spotless. Anyway, why take on that huge corner spot (the rent HAS to be high) to compete with an established company a block away? I’m just pissed because it’s a waste of good retail space very near where I live.

  • Hooters would have been much better!